Flowers For Algernon

Liam Hammond


Charlie Goardan is a man born with mental disabilities, he is in his younger mid life and still has the mentality of about a third grader. He is chosen to take some tests for a scientific experiment to make him smart. He tried really hard at these tests because he just wants to be like everyone elts. He thought he did bad and he was still chosen and doctor Strauss tells him to report all of the things he experienced and daily life. he starts racing a rat called Algernon in mazes but can't seem to beat him.he has some co workers at the abkery who dont treat him well "sometimes somone will say hey lookit frank, or joe or even gimpy. he really pulled a chalie gordan that time." pg.17 witch really shows how they use him for thier amusement. After the operation he doesn't seem much different but you can tell there is gradual growth in intelligence. he is soon as smart and then smarter than everyone he falls in love with his co worker who is trying to just keep it business only but is kind of in a relationship with his apartment neighbor. He goes through all of the social peobelms and growing up in a few weeks witch most people do in two decades. He goes and sees his family who he had a bad child hood with before he was given away. His mother chases him out with a kitchen knife. he falls in to depression and kind of just focused on work. he later finds a problem in the operation and finds it doesn't last forever. Algernon begins to deteriorate, him being the lab rat to first be successful with it, and all charlie can do is watch and think how this is going to happen to him next. he stowed away in his apartment with his co worker but she gets kicked out. In the end he just gets to a point where he cant recognize his won writeing and gies to a home for people with mental disabilities

Charlie Gordan

charlie is a man who was born with a disability. He was neglected by his family and sent away, then is given a chance to be like everyone elts. when he is transformed in to a genius he is a nice man confused on social issues but still has good meaning. I think in his short time intelligent that he was a good person over all. " after the operashun im gonna try to be smart. Im gonna try awful hard." pg. 11
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conflict resolution

i think in this book there are two conflicts, character vs self and character vs society. I think this because charlie is in a vulnerable state because he has no social skills and is just put right in to society all grown up. And he fights battles with himself and with how to fit in or the right thing to do. he really has problems with himself at the end of the book because he is going through a lot " i mist not panic. soon there will be signs of emotional instability and forgetfulness, the first symptoms of the burnout." pg. 256
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The theme of this book is that there aren't always happy endings and everything works out. Charlie was just introduced into the real world and started a new life and with good people and then had it all ripped away and he lost everything at then end of the book like his friends his family was mad at him and he lost his intelligence. witch is one of the most important things to his life that was given to him. " I got a new rabits and luky penny and even a littel bit of that majic powder left and maybe they will help me" pg. 310


"how strange it is that people of honest feelings and sensibility ,who would not take advantage of a man born with out arms legs or eyes-how such people think nothing of abusing a man born with low intelligence." pg.199


i think this book was a 4 and for a good reason. it is one of the better books i have ever read i'm not a big reader but this was fun and a good read.
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