E-News- February, 2016

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MASSW Pistons Night – Free Game Tickets & MASSW Items!

In honor of SSW Week in March, MASSW is giving away tickets to the 2/21 Pistons game and MASSW merchandise!

· If you are interested in FREE tickets to the Pistons game, Click here by 2/16 to be entered into a raffle. Winners will be contacted by phone on 2/17.

· All MASSW members attending the game are invited to pick up a gift from MASSW. Between the 1st and 2nd quarters of the game, meet Kim Burzynski (MASSW Public Information Chair) at the entrance to sections 216 / 217 to pick up your free MASSW merchandise item.

For more information on the game and to order tickets, please click here.


Meeting the Needs of Students in the School Setting in an Ongoing Public Health Crisis: Resolution Statement on the Flint Water Crisis

The following excerpt is from the latest MASSW resolution statement on the Flint Water Crisis. You may read the entire statement by clicking here.

he Michigan Association of School Social Workers shares the very serious and widespread concerns about the unprecedented public health crisis that has been unfolding in the city of Flint. State and federal assistance with the provision of water, water filters and plans for testing of blood and water samples are all critically important steps in addressing this crisis.

It is also incumbent upon us to remember the crucial need for resources for the Flint area schools to enable them to assist students and continue the important activities of teaching and learning in the midst of this ongoing state of emergency. An estimated 5400 school-aged students were drinking lead-tainted water in their schools and many more students were exposed to unsafe water at home. Hundreds of students in early childhood programs have been impacted as well.

These students, along with parents and staff, have been functioning in an ongoing atmosphere of stress and uncertainty regarding the potential impacts of lead poisoning and other health concerns related to the water supply. In addition to being exposed to lead, they have also been exposed to the large-scale presence of media, countless news reports and community demonstrations. Perhaps most importantly, they have been exposed to the fears, frustration, and anger of their parents and adult members of their community. Their sense of safety and security has been compromised. They are in need of hope and reassurance that they will be cared for and supported.

Unfortunately, the Flint Community Schools and other area districts have experienced ongoing budget cuts and reductions in staff that will challenge their ability to respond to this situation. Additionally, a frequent hallmark of trauma is avoidance, where adults may avoid talking with children about trauma out of a concern that doing so may cause additional anxiety or stress, creating another barrier to appropriate intervention. Failure to provide early intervention can lead to the development of anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder, with long-term developmental, emotional and behavioral consequences. We must work to insure that the trauma that accompanies this crisis is not ignored.

To read the entire document, please click here.

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The Michigan Association of School Social Workers (MASSW) is requesting proposals from social workers and other human services professionals to present a continuing education workshop at the 2016 Annual Conference. This year's conference takes place on November 3, 4, and 5, 2016 in Lansing, Michigan. Preference will be given to proposals that feature best practices, social work ethics, and pain management; however, all programs which are of interest to school social workers are appropriate.

Who should submit a proposal?

You. Your colleagues. Your colleagues' colleagues. Any professional with a level of social work understanding who would like an opportunity to share his or her knowledge with school social workers from around the state of Michigan is a great candidate for this conference.

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Start taking photos NOW! Send them to socialmedia@masswmi.org.

This year, MASSW is hosting another social media campaign and we need your participation.

What do you LOVE about being a school social worker? How can you describe the feeling of joy you get when a young life is changed for the better? We would like you to share it with others using "selfies", videos, or posters and the hashtag #massw16.

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