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Welcome to Coronado School of the Arts -March 2021

Greetings CoSA Families!

Things are really hopping along here at CoSA this spring. There are great things happening in every conservatory that we hope you'll check out below. Also, there are several ways you can get involved in helping CoSA continue to provide top tier programming for our students.

Check out the flyer below about our awesome film festival taking place every Friday night in the month of April. This is our big fundraiser, and all proceeds will go directly to supporting the CoSA program. This event is open to the public. We would LOVE to see the flyer posted all over your social media accounts to help get the word out beyond the CoSA bubble.

Also, we are still accepting applications for all CoSA conservatories for the 2021-2022 school year with the exception that Visual Arts is only accepting applications for waiting list positions. If you have a friend or loved one with a high school aged student with an interest in the arts, send them our way!

We look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Catherine Burling

Director, Coronado School of the Arts

March 2021

March 15 CoSA Foundation Monday March Madness

March 22 CoSA Foundation Monday March Madness

March 29-April 5 Spring Recess, Schools Closed

April 2021

April 6 Schools reopen

April 9 Film Festival: High School Musical

April 16 Film Festival: Singin' in the Rain

April 22 CoSA DigArt Expo: CyberPunk 2021

April 23 Film Festival: Into the Spiderverse

April 30 Film Festival: Labyrinth

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An Important Message from the CoSA Foundation

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2021-22 Applications for new students are due now!

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Classical & Contemporary Dance

CoSA Dance has jumped into creating new works for our spring digital dance concert. Our weekly schedule now includes rehearsing repertory by each of our five Dance faculty members as well as seven dances by student choreographers. In Dance History, things are getting interesting and weird as we learn about Modern Dance choreographers of the 1960s who experimented with dance, broke all the rules, and ultimately redefined what dance could be.

Gina Sorensen

CoSA Dance Director

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Digital Arts (Animation, Filmmaking, Game Design and Graphic Design)

-All DigArts students are working on projects for the DigArts Expo: Cyberpunk 2021. The expo will be on April 22 at 6:00 PM. Tickets coming soon!

-Graphic Design Students are creating infographics and package design.

-Film students are creating documentary films.

-Ms. Woerman's students entered the San Diego Museum of Art's biennial juried student art show, "Young Art 2021: My World, Our Planet". The following students' pieces were accepted. Congratulations to Dominique Langevin, Isabella Whalen, Kailani Lenert, Sonoma Manocchio, Paulo Quiroz, and Rebekka Siqueiros! The theme of Young Art 2021 exhibition is the environment and sustainability. Students showed innovation and creativity through artwork that conveyed a message or feeling of sustainability while taking inspiration from the Museum’s permanent collection. This exhibition will be free admission inside the San Diego Museum of Art's Gallery 14/15, located near the entrance to Panama 66 restaurant, in Balboa Park. March 26–May 9, 2021

Anna Woerman

Digital Arts Instructor

-All animation students are busy this semester! Animation two is completing their twelve Principles of Animation, animation three had begun creating an educational short for the elementary school students, and animation 4 is working together to create an animated music video compilation.

-Game Design students have just completed creating their own pixel created physics game. They are now moving into creating a Breakout style game for mobile devices.

-Design New Media 2 has moved into their job preparation unit and are currently working on their resumes and will be working on their mock interviews next.

-Design New Media 4 students are busy in production creating various pieces for the CyberPunk 2021 DigArts Expo. Once complete they will begin working on their senior legacy projects that will preview at the Extravaganza this May.

Riana Bucceri

DigArts Conservatory Chair

Instrumental Music

CoSA Instrumental Musicians had a productive month of February. The jazz band students have all chosen a historical figure in Jazz to research and transcribe for the rest of the school year. They will likely be resuming in-person band rehearsals after Spring Break and are looking forward to reuniting! The Woodwind Ensemble has been fortunate enough to be able to meet in person on several occasions and we’ve very much enjoyed actually playing together! Students are working on classical duets by Mozart and Hohmann as well as a jazz duet by Niehaus. Brass Ensemble has enjoyed in-person practices and are working their way through a challenging Telemann sonata duet originally written for flute. The 1st and 3rd movements have been recorded and mixed.

Matt Heinecke,

IM Conservatory Chair

Musical Theatre and Drama

From Kim Strassburger-CoSA Musical Theatre and Drama Faculty and Director of THE LARAMIE PROJECT

What an experience, what a triumph of collaboration it was working with our CoSA Musical Theatre and Drama students and two students from Bayfront Charter High School on this production. Due to Covid-19, this production was rehearsed and filmed completely online. Our student cast members adapted spectacularly and created work of immediacy and poignancy.

Rehearsing this play on Zoom, we were surprised by the intimacy that performing this play inches from a camera reveals. The soul-searching of the Laramie, Wyoming, community after Matthew Shepard's murder became even more immediate with the camera's unflinching and close gaze. THE LARAMIE PROJECT was ideal for a "filmed" stage play production, and the bravery and talent of our students cannot be denied. Congratulations to ALL of our students and staff involved.

Theatre Production, Design and Management

For the past several weeks, CoSA students have been learning about the lighting design process. They have since created conceptual lighting projects after reading the play Eurydice by Sarah Ruhl. This process involved finding lighting opportunities in the script and coming up with creative ways to utilize stage lighting equipment to tell the story of the play. The purpose of this exercise was not only to practice their knowledge of the design process but also figuring out ways to explain their ideas to a director, or to the cast during a design presentation. The final step was presenting their work in front of their peers.

Curtis Mueller,

Theatre Production, Design and Management Chair

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Visual Art

CoSA Visual Art students have been working on a series of self portraits in life drawing. They have drawn for observational accuracy as well as from a stylistic approach all the while aiming to capture a sense of essence. We have also been exploring the optical patterning that happens with reflective surfaces. Each student has approached reflective studies with unique creativity that produced a variety of exciting interpretations of the prompts. Year 1 students have been involved in workshops that help develop perspective an proportion through a study of interior and exterior environments. They are exploring the combination of their figure study development with their environmental studies to learn about “Space” as a principal of design. Upper level students have been involved in a round of Artistic Conferences, where we discuss progress on goals, ways to manage the creative process, assessments of works in progress and stir up ideas for future projects.

Karrie Jackson,

VA Conservatory Chair

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Faculty In Action

In this section we shamelessly brag about our amazing CoSA faculty and share creative pursuits in their respective industries.

CoSA's own Zaquia Salinas directs A Year of DisDANCE

Did you know that long time CoSA Dance and CoSA MTD instructor and choreographer Zaquia Salinas is also the artistic director of DISCO RIOT? The company is offering an in-person film screening on Sunday, March 14 at Cinema Under the Stars. You can also catch the Online screening on Tuesday, March 16. Click on the link below for more information and to watch! Congrats Zaquia!

Alumni News

CoSA Visual Art Alumna creates murals at Birch Aquarium at Scripps

Siena McKim, class of 2015 is currently working on a Mural Series at the Aquarium in La Jolla. You can watch her paint, talk about invertebrates and algae on the weekends @birchaquarium. See her inspiring journey: or follow her

Coming Soon: CoSA Summer Intensives. Save the dates!

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