Gym Candy Carl Deuker



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1 A,B,C

That he is smart and very hardworking, to get stronger and to be the best running back in the world, that eh might regret doing something that he has done recently.
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2. what are 2 major conflicts in your book?

That he is trying to get bigger, stronger, and faster so he van be the best at football and better than his dad. So he starts taking steriods. And almost gets caught using them.
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3. What are 2 themes in your central ideas in your book?

He started to use a stack the it gym candy but the side effects are getting to mike so he stops taking them after a while (169). He was starting to take XTR which would make stronger than ever and faster and bigger. And he is trying to decide to take them or not (248).
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4. What was the most memorable section of the book- why?

That he was starting to get bigger and stronger, faster in the book, he got 2 seconds faster on his 40 yard dash, can bench 170 pounds he hit someone so hard he in practice that he is out for season.
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5 would you recommend this book to others? why or why not?

I would recommend this book to people who play football and rugby. Because it gives details about football and how far people have gone to achieve their dreams in being a star.