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Cornell Notes

Note taking by students is a necessary skill in most classrooms. This activity is confirmed by research to increase student achievement (Bligh, 2000 as cited in DeZure, Kaplan, Deerman, 2001).

I have seen many teachers utilize Cornell Notes in their classrooms. Let's refresh this traditional activity and give it a digital reboot!

Traditional Method

As an educator at Cornell University, Professor Walter Pauk designed these notes for his students in the 1950s. The purpose is to condense the material into a systematic method. A paper is divided into three areas: 1) a left column, 2) a right column, and 3) a section at the bottom. The right column should be greater in size and the lower section only needs approximately 2 inches.

* photo courtesy of University of South Australia.

More Information

Refresh It!

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Online Cornell Notes - Cornell Notes, Flashcards and Study Tools (It's free)
Classmint is now available as a teacher tool whereas teachers sets up the Cornell note for the class to study. It is, however, working on developing access for students to create their own.

Alternative to Classmint

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Microsoft OneNote - Cornell Note taking for students

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