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A home inspection is necessary for a variety of reasons.

Four Tips to Check for Outside Safety Hazards During a Home Inspection

A home inspection is necessary for a variety of reasons, although the most common includes the purchase of a home. Before the deal can close, buyers need to have the home inspected so they know whether or not the investment is worth it. Many people realize that an inspector needs to check the inside of the home for any damage. What they often fail to think of the possibility of a safety hazard outside the house. The landscape and exterior of the home need to be checked as well. During a home inspection, there are four tips an inspector should consider when checking for outside drainage.

Examine All Trees on the Property

Just because the roof looks good now, doesn't mean it will stay that way in the future. A number of things can cause damage to a roof, including a tree limb crashing into it. Inspectors need to examine every tree on the property to determine whether or not they cause a safety hazard. If the tree is too close to the roof, or even overgrowing onto it, then that needs to be mentioned in the report.

Perform a Walk-Around to Discover Poisonous Plants

Poisonous plants, such as poison ivy and poison oak, grow near wooded areas. Many homeowners are often unaware of what these plants look like, so they can not tell whether the property they are considering buying has them. The home inspector should take a thorough walk-around to discover if any of these plants are located in the area. If they are, the buyers should be made aware to determine if it is something they want to live with.

Step on the Porch and Deck

Both the porch and deck need to be checked thoroughly. By stepping on each, and walking around them to determine if there are any loose boards, the inspector can provide a complete report to the potential buyers. A porch or deck with a missing or loose board could cause a hazard for the buyer in the future.

Check Window Screens and Locks

From inside the home, it may seem simple to tell that all windows are in place and in good condition. From the outside, however, inspectors can determine if any screens are missing, and whether locks are easily accessible to get into.

The interior of a home is not the only space that should be inspected. A SACRAMENTO HOME INSPECTION needs to include an exterior look-over as well. The outside of the home is not the only area to look either. Instead, the entire landscape needs approval before the buyer can make their purchase. Each area of the home needs to be checked thoroughly to determine whether or not any safety hazard exist.