walk your way to vitory

Have you ever set a goal in life you have traned and traned for it then sudenly something bad happens.

It was just a normal day for chloe then bang a car crash. she was rushed to hospitle and had really badly hurt her stomach,head and leg. The doctors told her she would be there for 9-10 months but she proved them wrong and got better very quickly. Befor the crash she had worked hard to become a swimmer and even tryed to go to the olympics.She loved swimming so much and was very sad when she had to have a break. She got out of hospitle after 3 months. when she got out the docters gave her a challange to do a walk the walk was named the kokoda walk. It was 96Km walk though the jungle,up hills and across rivers even her body was aking she finneshed the race with a smile on her face.