History of Marine Science: 1825

What is Scuba?

SCUBA is an acronym for Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus. In 1825 an English Inventor made attempts to create a self-contained breather "belt" which attached to a copper helmet and held enough air for a seven minute dive. This was one of the first attempts to create an underwater breathing apparatus.

The race to Underwater Exploration

The race to develop better methods of Underwater Exploration began in 500 B.C. When a Greek Sailor used a reed to breath underwater, while working on Persian Ships. Since then scientists have discovered ever-improving methods to staying underwater for longer periods at increasing depths.

The Self-Contained undewater breathing Apparatis is the result of the technological developments and innovations that began almost 300 years ago

Scuba Diving:

What is it Used For?

Scuba Diving is the most extensively used system for breathing underwater. As the technology develops, we are able to develop instruments underwater, and learn about the marine environment as we have never been able to do before. It is used by recreational divers, for underwater work in the military, and scientific and commercial purposes. Scuba divers take an advantage over divers, as they are able to swim with fins, and without the heavy equipment.