4th Grade Science

Scientific Method/Scientific Experiment

Lesson Description

Students will be able to identify all of the parts of a the scientific method as well as be able to perform a science experiment on their own.

Vocabulary Words

Experiment, question, hypothesis, conclusion, variable, materials, measure, time, procedure, science.

Review of Words

  1. Flash Cards 1- We will make flash cards that have the word with a picture that shows the word.
  2. Flash Cards 2- We will make flash cards that will include the definition of the words.
  3. Jepordy- As a class we will play a Jepordy game that will quiz the students on the spelling of the words as well as definition of the words.


Formative and Summative

Formative- The students will first have a spelling test to review the sound and spelling of the word. Next, we will have a vocabulary test that will be match the word to the meaning which will review the comprehension of the word.

Summative- The students will complete an actual Science experiment project that will include all parts of the scientific method as well as it will include all of the vocabulary words in the correct way.