Bernie Sanders

alexia cantu

Background Information

Bernie Sanders was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 8th, 1941. He went to James Madison High School before attending the University of Chicago. After graduating he moved to vermont and worked as a Carpenter and documentary filmmaker. In 1981 he won the mayor post of Burlington by ten points. He would serve four terms as mayor transforming the city making headway fro affordable housing, progressive taxation, environment protection, child care, women's rights, and youth programs in there city. Sanders would later become a senator in 2006. During his time as a senator he was apart of the Committee on Budget,health, Education,labor, pensions, and veteran affairs. Bernie has had no scandals or have committed any sort of crimes.

Stances on Issues

LGBT- Continue to push for equality for all those who do not identify as straight. Plans to stop bar discrimination against LGBT by credits and banks. Sign into law the Equality Act, the Every Child Deserves a family act, and any other bill that prohibits discrimination against LGBT people.

Health Care- Plans to by the end of his term to have universal health care for every man, child, and women despite income.

Domestic- Bernie is pushing for a cleaner plant for the generations future child. He plans to invest in clean sustainable energy, reclaim democracy from the billionaire fossil fuel lobby,and lead the international community to solve climate damage and prevent international conflict.


Party- Democrat

Age- 74

Where from/State represented- New York, Vermont