Pirate Post

September 7, 2018


We would like you to have a successful year, and sometimes it really helps to understand the proper processes (new students and freshmen) and reminders for upperclassmen - so we have provided this reference bulletin so that you know what to do and where to find announcements! If you ever have questions please ask either office!

Finding Announcements

There are several ways to receive communication from the HS.

  • Announcements are made over the intercom in the morning & afternoon.
  • There is a DAILY ANNOUNCEMENTS doc, that is kept up to date daily. Follow the link and it will be saved in your google drive.
  • REMIND (see instructions below)
  • PCHS Webpage
  • HS INSTAGRAM! - new!
  • Check your STUDENT EMAIL! many things are also sent to your email!
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Lunch Program and Accounts

  • Have your ID's out and ready to scan, or make sure you have your 10-digit ID number memorized and enter it in on the keypad. (your password is the first 8 - just add the last 2!)
  • Keep track of your account balance. You can check on the student portal, and you can also ask the clerks in the cafeteria.
  • If you are low or negative, please bring in money as soon as possible and try to keep your account in the positive.
  • Emails and Calls are sent to parents to alert them of your account balance.
  • Students on Free or Reduced meal program should just be getting the regular tray meal, including the fruits and vegetables to make it a FULL meal or else it will be counted as individual a la carte items!). If you do put money in your account for extras, please try NOT to go under.
(Lunch $$ drop box is out in front of the main office)

Pirate Presence - Attendance is Important

Platte County High School is looking forward to seeing each of you every day of the school year. We know and believe that when you are present at school you have more opportunities to experience success both academically, in your extra-curricular activities as well as develop caring relationships with peers and staff.

As we start the school year, we want to introduce students, families and community members to our Pirate Presence attendance campaign. Our goal is that our students will be in attendance every day, but especially want to make sure students have a 93% attendance rate or higher for the entire year.

Pirates - be present every day! And look out for your peers. Someone missing school? Reach out to them.

#PiratePresence - follow link for more information about Pirate Presence.

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Attendance and Checking In/Out

You should only be entering and exiting from the main front doors of both buildings.

If you are in Paxton, and you need to get to the main building during class time, get a P-PASS from the Pax welcome desk to go in the side door. DO NOT KNOCK ON THE SIDE DOOR to be let in. The teacher near that door is trying to teach. Either get a pass from Paxton or walk to the Main Welcome Center doors.


P-PASSES are Key Cards that will get you in to the HS from Paxton and from Paxton to the HS during classes when the doors are locked.

You must check the pass out from either office. If you are going to Paxton during class you must check out the P-PASS from the main office, and from the Paxton Welcome Center if you are heading to the Main building. Make sure you check the P-PASS back in!


  • Collaborative Areas include: North Gym, North Cafe, Multipurpose Room, Wilson Innovation Area, Innovation Area (Foreign Language), Library, South Gym.
  • Run-Off Room (for grades): Room 7 (Mrs. Hartland)
  • Run-Off Room (for No Orange Card or ID): Room 31 (Mr. Alexander)
  • Please, NO moving around during the 30 minute PLT time. STAY IN YOUR SCHEDULED AREA.


If your class is meeting in the commons or hallways, please keep the noise down as there are classes around you and the excessive noise is distracting. Especially in the PAXTON COMMONS and the area by the Front office & main Welcome Center! Office staff are not only trying to work, but it is hard to hear on the phone and the two-way radios.

Thank you!


  • BE HERE! Attendance is very important - & we miss you when you are gone!! #PiratePresence
  • STAY in class. Handle office business before & after school, and between classes.
  • STAY in the cafeteria during lunch - even if you are not eating.
  • BE KIND and considerate of other pirates - adults and students.
  • HAVE School Spirit! :)
  • QUESTIONS? - ask the office staff....we are here to help you!

Car Riders


Please do NOT have your ride drop you off or pick up on the road between Paxton and the main HS building.

You may use the area in front of the South doors or by the Activity Center or Welcome Center.


SafeSchools Alert incident reporting system. To submit a tip, please click on the button.