Analytics PD

Held by Dr. Joe Cozart

September 18, 2014

I really enjoyed this session with Dr. Joe Cozart. I have never been an excel person, and sometimes it intimidated me with all the formulas... but Dr. Cozart made the task of sending mass e-mails so much simpler, especially if you have a large quantity of students in your class. I was shown how to use the Alalytics portal tool, to access data on student's progress through the course. I really like this because I was able to choose an area, "student", then create or pick which section I would like an overview of, such as dropbox, discussions, grades, etc..... and also see there attendance as well. I was also able to include "generic" feedback for the students too. This feature was very welcoming, as it saves a lot of time when having to communicate through THEsis portal. I plan on using this feature, hopefully when I receive more students in class during the spring semester. I am sure it will save much needed time. I have inserted a screenshot of what we did below.
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