Emily Martinez

All about me!!!!!!!!!!

I am short, I like money, I like gold, From Pleasant Grove (Dallas), I love Polo, I love shopping, I'm in loveeeeee with food, I like to sleep, I love my family, and I love my friends.

Things that show who I am

Dallas - City Video Guide

I am Dallas !

Books and Movies.

Even though I don't like to read anymore, I used to like the Junny B. Jones boks. I rewwad all the series growing up. My favorite movie would have to be Friday. Its very funny.

Lyric that suits me

"Ya despues de muerto (x3) no todo es igual

una tumba fria

es la que te espera

se acabo todito

se llego el final

aquellos amigos

que decian muy serios

aqui esta mi mano

esta es mi Amistad

todo estubo Bueno

ni una cosa es cierto

pura inpocresia

pura falsedad"

-Ya despues de muerto by Chalino Sanchez

This pat is basically saying, that friends wont last forever. It says that they'll give you there hand as a sign of friendiship but then let you down.

Or translatedby Google

And after death ( x3 ) all is not equal a cold tomb He is waiting for you I was just todito the end was reached those friends that read serious here is my hand this is my friend everything was good neither one thing is certain pure hypocrisy pure falsehood

A quote that suits me !

"Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me." -Al Capone

Davis, Oklahoma

My family and I went to Davis Oklahoma for Turner Falls. This was a personally bad experience because I almost drowned with 2 of my brothers,

More about me! (:

  • What are your dreams/aspirations?

One of my dreams is to become a millioner and give my parents what they deserve,also as a thank you gift for holding me down all of these years.

· What philosophies/beliefs do you hold?

I am a proud catholic.

· What do you love/hate?

I love money but above everything I love my family, something I hate would have to be being broke.

· What is your work ethic?

I don't think I have a work ethic, as long as my future job makes me successful Ill be thankful with whatever God puts in my way.

· What are some conflicts you face that make you who you are?

I think living in Anna was one of my biggest conflicts, but the realizing that I wont get everything my way.

· What are your relationships like with friends/family?

I have a pretty good relationship with both my friends and family, but then again my friends have became family to me.

· What do you hide?

I hide money, just because I love it too much and I wouldn't want anything to happen to it.

What brings you pain? What do you fear?

Something that brings me pain is seeing my mother cry, Its one of the worst feelings ever. I fear loosing a family member. I don't think I would be able to coop with the pain.

· What brings you joy or happiness?

Family and money brings me happiness.

· What makes you laugh?

Something that makes me laugh is people falling, it may seem mean but I cant help but laugh.