What YOU Can Do @ Niu NGAGE

Promoting Community Leadership & Civic Engagement

DuSable 152 @ 6:30PM Tuesday the 24th

What we're about

A brand new student association where student can find solidarity with like-minded volunteers and activists engaged in projects aimed to innovate, challenge, and give back. We focus on projects concerning the issues NIU students feel most energetic about. We need your help to:

  • Become student leaders and head committees
  • Help market, fundraise, and coordinate events

Give your voice and ideas throughout the year as we work to:

  1. Research, protest, discuss, and challenge the damaging costs of textbooks and the three-ring circus that is the student loan industry
  2. Work in tandem with Illinois PIRG [join the Facebook group!] to educate NIU students about the new Affordable Healthcare Act going into effect on October 1st (it's good news, don't worry, but you have 15 days left to enroll!)
  3. Join the causes of the Rotaract Club and help fundraise for some very worthy projects
  4. Build a monthly lecture and film series
  5. Host grass roots organizing workshops

We're looking for motivated students that aren't afraid to act, be involved, and lead.


Join, support, and follow us online! Join the Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/niungage/

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