Peloponnesian War

The Greatest War

How the war began

The Athens were greedy, and they tried to take over Greece. The Spartans decided to stop the Athenians, and help the cites of Greece become free and independent. The Spartans formed an alliance with Corinth and some other smaller cities and brought an army to march to the walls of Athens in 431 BC. In the very first years in the war it seemed hopeless. The Athenians had lots of money and lots of power, they were the only Greek city that had great navy. The Spartans didn't have a navy so they couldn't stop the Athens from sailing around.

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How The War Ended

In the summer of 430 BC the Athens started to die of a terrible disease called the plaque. Some people think it was a really bad case of the measles. Hundreds of people died it spreaded from person to person. One of the people that died was the Athenian general Pericles who had been leading them to war. Gradually the Spartans began to win some battles. Finally the Spartans won the war in 446 BC. A treaty was signed between the Athens and the Spartans.

pics of the peloponnesian war


Peloponnesian War and Thucydides