Pretty in Pastel

The New Pastel Keepers are HERE!!!

Pastels for Spring

I am so excited to announce that our new pastel KEEPERS were launched today, March 10, 2015. The light colors are a perfect compliment to any of your spring clothing collections.

Fashion that is interchangable and personalized!

Your keeper and keys are typically used to symbolically express "your life story" (cancer survivor, soccer/football/softball mom, new bride, best friend, etc.). You are able to express your one of a kind design with a beautiful statement piece or by simply wearing an elegant design that ties your entire outfit together, you cannot go wrong with KEEP COLLECTIVE.

Why buy yet another gift off the shelf. Express your love, thoughtfulness, and care for those you love with a personalized necklace, timepiece, or bracelet.

Interested in Hosting or Becoming a Designer?

Interested in free and 1/2 price items? Or, are you interested in earning great commission and becoming your own boss!