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Friday, January 17, 2020

This Week in Room 17

Here is what happened in each subject area this week:

Reading: We have been looking at nonfiction texts and learning about the different features that help us understand the text even better.

Phonics: We have been learning about how vowels work together to make long vowel sounds (example: ai, ay, ea, igh)

Writing: We have been working making a SMART goal.

Math: We have been learning how to measure using centimeters and inches.

Next Week, January 20-24

This is what we will be learning in each subject next week!

Reading: We will be learning the importance of nonfiction text features and how great readers use them to learn more about the topic.

Writing: We will finish setting our SMART goal. Then we will focus on learning the components of a paragraph.

Math: We will continue to practice using a ruler to measure accurately.

Math Practice Goal

At conferences, we discussed our grade level goal regarding our proficiency with our priority math skills this year. The students are encouraged to practice math outside of school at least three times a week. Refer to the BSIP document given out at conferences for ideas on how to practice at home. This week, the students have cut out flashcards with math facts between 1-10 to bring home and utilize as a practice tool. Feel free to quiz your student using these cards. If your student is struggling with certain facts, set them to the side to practice more frequently.

Yearbook Order Form

Here is the link to the yearbook order form that was sent home. Notice that all ordering will be done online and the deadline to order is March 19, 2020. Just go to the webpage link at the top of the form and enter the Yearbook ID code (13281820) to purchase one!

Important Dates

1/20 - MLK Jr. Day, School in Session (Snow Make-up Day)

1/24 - Breakfast with Books

2/7 - Mom and Son's Glow the Night Away -- Sign Up by Jan 31

2/21 - Leader Day 8:30 a.m.-11:30 a.m.

3/31 - Musical Performance at 6:45pm (arrive at 6:35)

Mrs. Pycke's Music Page

McCulloch Musicians!

Keep up with the latest in music at McCulloch by clicking on the following link for performance dates, forms, music, etc. Please contact Mrs. Pycke with any questions using the contact information found on this website. Thank you for supporting the arts!

At Home Activities

There are so many great things that you can do to extend your student's learning at home! Below are some links that we will be using this year. A major focus this year is building our reading fluency. A great way to help with this at home is to read to your child and also allowing them at least 20 minutes a day to silently read books that are just right for them. Another major focus this year is their addition and subtraction fluency. An effective way to help with this is to play math games! All you need are dice and playing cards and you've plenty of games you can play. I can send some ideas your way if you would like!

A list of online resources

Sheppard Software