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Friday, August 23, 2019

This Week in Room 17

It was a wonderful first week of school! We focused a lot on practicing our procedures so that we can function smoothly for the remainder of the year. We have been doing a wonderful job of "beating the timer" to ensure quick transitions! We also do a great job of cleaning up after ourselves! Some challenges we are working to overcome are showing active listening while it is learning time. This is our class goal at the moment so ask your child throughout next week how we are coming along!

We read some awesome stories this week. Some of the titles include What If Everyone Said That?, Enemy Pie, and Alma and How She Got Her Name. The last book listed was used to show how our names are unique, but we also have a lot of similarities! We also have started to build our reading and writing stamina --which seems to be one of their favorite things to do so far! :)

We played some math games to practice our addition fluency within 10. We have also been learning a lot about the 7 Habits and how we show leadership every day! Ask your child the difference between a leader and a boss and how they were a leader during the Team Challenge!

Next Week, August 26-30

Next week, we are continuing to practice our routines and procedures. We are going to focus a lot of on being an active listener as this is crucial to building a successful learning environment! Another skill I plan to hit hard this week is having a growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset!

We will continue to practice our reading and writing stamina! We will also lay some expectations for our Reader's Workshop. We will be setting up our writing binders and also start to brainstorm a list of ideas we could write about throughout the year.

We will continue to learn new math games to strengthen our fluency with numbers between 0 and 10. Also, we will practice how to be a great math partner!

Note From Nurse Lily

Nurse Lily will be starting on vision and hearing screenings in the next few weeks. Her goal is to complete all screenings by Christmas Break. Vision Screenings are performed on all students grades K-5, and hearing screenings are performed on grades K-3. If you wish to opt out, please contact the nurse's office.

Note About Birthdays and Treats

We love celebrating birthdays here at McCulloch! If you wish to send treats with your child to share for their birthday, please contact me ahead of time so I can schedule in a good time to eat them as a class. There are 24 students in our class.

In regards to birthday party invites, we ask that all of those be distributed outside of school. I will be sending out the class directory shortly which is a great tool to utilize as it has emails, addresses, and phone numbers of the families of those in our class.

Important Dates

8/25- Dive Into School (Aquatic Center) 6:15pm-8:15pm

8/30- Leader Assembly at 1:30

9/2- Labor Day, No School

9/3- Lunch visitors can begin visiting

9/5- Beautification Day 4pm-7pm

9/9- PTO meeting at 5:30

9/9-9/26- PTO Run Fundraiser

9/12- Picture Day

9/17- Grandparent's Night 5:00pm-6:30pm

*10/4- September Leadership Assembly at 1:30pm (No longer on 9/27)

Class Dojo

This year we will be using a web-based program called Class Dojo to help track students’ behavior and to stay in contact! Not only is this a great behavior management tool, but it is also an excellent communication tool to help keep you updated about your child’s behavior, academics, and the happenings of the classroom! Visit if you would like to find out more about this program!

Yesterday, I sent home a parent invite so you can join our class. Some families have had issues with the code. If this has happened to you, let me know and I can help you! If you already are signed up, this is wonderful! If you did not receive an invite and would like one, I can send you another one! Let me know if you have any questions!

At Home Activities

There are so many great things that you can do to extend your student's learning at home! Below are some links that we will be using this year. A major focus this year is building our reading fluency. A great way to help with this at home is to read to your child and also allowing them at least 20 minutes a day to silently read books that are just right for them. Another major focus this year is their addition and subtraction fluency. An effective way to help with this is to play math games! All you need are dice and playing cards and you've plenty of games you can play. I can send some ideas your way if you would like!

A list of online resources

Sheppard Software