Lone Survivor

By Marcus Luttrell / Maddie Huntington Hinkle block 2


  • Marcus Luttrell - protagonist/ Marcus is an extremely strong man mentally and physically. He was 6'5 and weighed approximately 200 pounds. Obviously he was not a small man. Marcus believes in Jesus Christ. He also thinks "all Taliban terrorists deserve a bullet in the head." He is a kind and gentle man that believes in hard justice and the protection of his country. In the book he says, "Sometimes a good man has to do a bad thing for a good outcome."
  • Muhammad Gulab- supporting character\ He is a very religious man. His religious code helped in his choice to take Marcus in, tend to his wounds, and to protect him in dire situations. Muhammad is about 40 years old and built reasonably small compared to Marcus. He is completely against the Taliban ways of life. His decision to take Marcus in saved his life and if he hadn't there would be no Lone Survivor.
  • Matt Axelson aka Axe - supporting character\ Matt and Marcus were best friends they shared the same beliefs about the Taliban. He was a fearless leader and would and did die for his country and friends. In the book Marcus carried Axe almost a mile before he died in his arms. Before his sad depart he said to tell his wife he loved her. That showed that he loved his wife and was sad to leave her. He was also a devoted Christian. " He often prayed before missions", said Marcus. Axe is dearly missed.


I think the message of the book is never give up no matter what. In this book there are several examples of this theme in the novel. Example one is how his family refused to believe that Marcus was dead even though he was missing for several days. Another example is during training he was going through the most pain he had ever experienced just to get ready for what was yet to come. The third example of the theme is how he never gave up on his teammates even though there was little chance of survival. Even though his teammates died protecting him, Marcus still lives to pas on the inspiring story of the Lone Survivor.

A Few of the Lone Survivor Characters


The main setting of this book is placed in Kunar Province in northeastern Afghanistan. It is a rough mountainous landscape that is very hard to move around in, especially for large people like Marcus. There are jagged cliffs, large boulders, barren mountain tops and very few water sources. The main setting of mountainous Afghanistan adds to the feel of isolation and the need for physical and mental endurance. It was a tough environment.


Symbolism was found throughout the book, but two examples stand out.

First, in the early part of their mission the team of SEALs was discovered by goat herders. The discovery gave the team a sense that the mission was 'cursed', destined to fail. They talked through their options, trying to pick the best of constantly bad options. Even though their options were bad, they had each other and were steadfast in their belief of fighting for a good cause, their country.

Another form of symbolism was found during the worst of their ordeal. As the team was forced back by heavy fighting on several occasions, they would fall down steep mountain ledges. These falls were rough and the men suffered broken bones and severe cuts as they tumbled down. But after each fall, Marcus would find his gun near where he landed. Even he noted the symbolism by stating 'God is looking out for me'. This repeatedly gave Marcus hope that he could continue to fight and get out of this bad situation. Even with his injuries and everything going wrong, it helped give him the will to never give up.

Book Recommendation

I recommend this book because it's an inspiring tale of survival. Against all odds, Marcus fought through the extreme physical pain of battle and falling down steep mountains. He suffered gunshot wounds, broken bones and gashes all over his body. He also fought through the mental pain of losing friends, being alone and being at the mercy of strangers in a foreign land. His teammates, his faith and finally his raw will to live allowed him to survive the ordeal and tell the tale of Operation Red Wing. It made me grateful for the men and women who fight for us everyday all around the world.