John Kieran Kealy

My Great Grandpa from my mothers side

The Beginning of John K. Kealy

John was born in Dublin Ireland on July 29th in 1909. He was a very popular guy growing up and lots of people knew him. He had immigrated to the US in 1929, and during that year the first Academy Awards are announced. After that, He worked in Oakland CA at a Capwell store as a Home Furnishing Manager in 1936. He then got married in 1938 on July 2nd to the lovely Marjorie McQuillan. They lived a wonderful life up until John Kealy had entered the Navy on January 1st, 1942.

Here is my timeline of John Kieran Kealy. Switch the timeline mode to "list" to see it.

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The Kealy Company - Oakland California

This is a picture of the staff working at The Kealy Company in Oakland CA. My Grandpa is 5 in from the right with the beard and My Grandma is sitting to the left of him. My Great Grandpa John Kieran Kealy is in the center holding the cane. My Uncle Kieran is in the third row and he is two in from the left. The Kealy company helped to establish the first army exchange stores for the US Military.