Module Three

Welcome to Module Three!

Welcome to Module Three. We are about half-way through the term. This module, you will be able to access the midterm exam. We will talk more about this below. This module will focus on project planning. Planning is important for any project -- be it technical writing or building a cabinet. Thinking about a project from start to finish will give you a better chance to be successful at completing the project. Let's dig deep into planning and goal setting this module. I promise it will pay off!

Stage Three

We are now in the third stage of your final project. This module, you will focus on project planning. Please keep in mind that project planning is not just the timeline. In a successful project, you will need to consider elements like timelines, budgets, subject matter experts, and documentation. You will also consider what the SWOT analysis calls threats -- what can potentially stop or destroy your project? Think about the what ifs in your project. Remember, having a back up plan (or a back up to the back up) is reasonable and will allow you to have a stronger project in the end.
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