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Parkside at Mayfield Ranch HOA Newsletter - December 2019

Seasons Greetings!

On behalf of the HOA and all of our Parkside committee members and volunteers, we wish you a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year!

Pictures with Santa!

Saturday, December 7th from 1:00 to 5:00 pm

Location: 325 Parkside Parkway, Amenity Center

Please bring a toy for the Social Committee's Toys for Tots drive as "payment" for your photo : )

See the flyer below for all the fun details!

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ACC Volunteer Needed

If you'd like to get involved and help keep our neighborhood looking awesome, there is a volunteer position open for an ACC reviewer. ACC is the Architectural Control Committee. The position involves reviewing a few requests per week for property improvements, such as adding a pool, changing landscaping or adding a new feature to a home. The time requirement is around an hour or two per week. The current committee and HOA board members will help new volunteers understand the Design Guidelines and how to apply them.

Having a volunteer ACC (vs hiring a firm to review) allows us to turn requests around quickly for residents, and saves us all money.

Thanks for volunteering!

Update on the Front Electrical Project

Yes, we are as frustrated as you are that the electrical project at the front entrance has interfered with the Holiday Lights. Per the electrician, everything should be finalized and working by the time you are reading this. Here's a recap of the situation:

This project was an almost full replacement of the underground electrical. The original developer work from 10+ years ago was failing. The conduit was collapsing underground and filling with water, and the electrical components were also failing. The challenge has been finding competent contractors willing to do quality work at a reasonable price. In this case, it took months just to get good bids from electricians, and once that was approved, a contractor was needed to trench the ground for the underground conduit. We almost couldn't find anyone to do this work, for several reasons: Most contractors didn't want the job because it was too small compared to all of the commercial work they can get; there is a very limited supply of contractors and workers available; the front electrical is near major utility lines and no one wanted to take on the liability of hitting those; many contractors/workers do not carry proper insurance, which is needed to protect the HOA/homeowners; and, many of the original proposals were either wrong in scope, or bid so incredibly high that the HOA could not justify the expense. On top of that, the entire project had to be coordinated with PEC, the county, the various utility companies and the management company. And then, it rained in the middle of the trenching, just for fun. Fortunately, Brian Eberwine has a background in this, and was able to guide the process and make sure that the work was done properly, and to handle the seemingly never ending challenges of getting a project like this completed. Thanks Brian! And thanks to all the residents for their patience and understanding. The end result should last for a very long time and allow us to enjoy our front entrance and our lights.

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Scheduling Bulk Trash Pickup

It's that time of year: Out with the old and in with the new.

Please contact TDS, our neighborhood trash service at (800) 375-8375 or email to schedule your bulky pick-up.

Please do not place items on the curb without a scheduled pickup, and only place them there the day of pickup.

Your neighbors will appreciate your help keeping Parkside beautiful!


Your HOA Working for You

2019 Projects Completed and Working:

  • Refurbishing electrical at front entrance

  • Repainting monument signs

  • New LED lighting at entrance

  • Pool Committee formed to address residents concerns

    • Thanks residents for volunteering!

  • More dog waste stations being installed on trails

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Summer Kickoff Party

  • Mistletoe Marketplace and Fall Festival

  • Pictures with Santa

    • Thanks social committee!

  • Front and back security cameras

  • Working with Wilco on speed controls for Parkside Parkway

  • Preparing for opening of Parkside Parkway to 2243

  • Improving pool gate entry system for higher reliability

  • Yard of the Month

  • Comprehensive Community Management evaluation

  • Repainting Amenity Center curbs

  • Installation of new flags

  • New carpet at the Amenity Center

  • Cave Lot protection signage

  • Pool repairs and maintenance, including repainting play features

  • New online Amenity Center Reservation & Calendar system

On-Site Community Manager Hours and Location

  • Ander Mitchell, our community manager holds office hours right here in Parkside for your convenience! He is typically at the Amenity Center at 325 Parkside Parkway on Mondays, Tuesday mornings, and Fridays. Appointments are preferred and you can set that up by emailing him at
  • If you need to contact the management company at other times, after hours or in an urgent situation and can't reach Ander, call Spectrum at 512-834-3900
  • For other general concerns, Spectrum can be reached at

Amenity Center Rental

You can rent the Amenity Center for private parties. The Board has recently adopted a new flat $15 hourly rate with no minimum number of hours. If you'd like to book the Amenity Center, simply click here to reserve your event or click on the button toward the bottom of this newsletter.

How to set up your HOA account with Spectrum (our management company)

Setting up an online account with Spectrum is necessary in order to receive official HOA communication. Click here to get started! If you run into any issues setting up your account OR have set up your account and still aren't receiving emails from Spectrum, please send an email to
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