Mission Day!


Teck Deck Stall

For Mission Day Ollie P, Coop J, Dylan H and I are doing a Teck Deck stall. We are going to have 3 half pipes connected and there are going to be 2 people on the half pipes at a time so its not that crouded. After the Teck Deck skating you move along the table, there is a box of lollies with a lid and a hole on the top so you get a lucky dip and pick one lollie out. then you move on to one of us with a marker to write Surf Aid on so you dont forget the charity we are doing all this for.

Surf Aid

SurfAid, in partnership with communities and government, works to prevent disease, suffering and death through educational programs and health promotion that aim to change poor health behaviours and reduce the risk from natural disasters. SurfAid’s goal is to empower communities to help themselves and build local capacity so their improved health resilience is sustainable. They advocate health and wellbeing for all and create collaborative relationships with other stakeholder groups wherever they can so as to further change in behaviour and development.

Video of How Surf Aid started

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