Booming Beats

Write For Our Zine!

What We Are Interested In: A Pieces

  • Reviews on Favorite Music and Artists
  • Personal Experiences Including Concerts & Meet n Greets
  • Diagnostics
  • Short Story (Fiction)

What We Are Interested In: B Pieces

  • Original Video or Picture
  • Short Editorial Letter
  • Top 10 Music with Pictures and Explanations
  • Poem
  • Short Short Story
  • Playlist

Booming Beats: The Basics

Booming Beats is a way to connect our student bodies opinions about their favorite types of music with others to expand their listening. Our Zine is critically about your opinions involving music and artists. Issue 1 for this zine was very successful. We had many good writing pieces in first trimester although we are expanding our ideas to make this zine more about your experiences and personal stories. We want to hear the inside scoop on why you are interested in music.