Phoenix Flyer

June 2018, Final Edition

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National Spanish Exam

Ms. Burroughs led her students through the National Spanish Exam, an intensive exam typically only taken at private schools and high-performing high schools.

Jason Cortez: SILVER MEDAL-SRJC-Spanish 1 Credit by Exam-Received 4 Collegiate credits transferable to the UC/CSU system and 13.3 San Antonio credits.

Jafet Azpeitia: NSE BRONZE MEDAL

Russell Gongora: NSE Honorable Mention SRJC-Spanish 1 Credit by Exam-Received 4 Collegiate credits transferable to the UC/CSU system and 13.3 San Antonio credits.

Noe Cortez: NSE Honorable Mention

Jonathan Vargas: NSE Honorable Mention

Farewell to Ms. Mac

by Ms. Lofton

It is with special thanks that we recognize Ms. Donna MacKenzie, who is retiring after dedicating 50 years of service to students and schools. From her days as an elementary teacher, both in San Rafael and at Cinnabar here in Petaluma, to her 19 years at San Antonio as our Social Studies teacher, her commitment to guiding students to achieve their very best has been unwavering. We have been fortunate to have Ms. ‘Mac’ and her expertise, which has helped shape the culture of our school. Ms. ‘Mac’ will be missed and we wish her happiness in the next phase of her life.

Alumni Profiles

by Yulitza Prado-Blanco

Jose Cortez graduated in 2014. Right now he is working at a Hydrofarm, a hydroponics company. Some advice he has for students is “Enjoy your time in school because after you leave, you’ll wish it was this easy”

Anthony Ruiz graduated in 2015 and is currently a Mercedes Technician. His favorite memory was PE class with Ms. Grzebik. Some advice he has for students is, “Put your head down and work. Your future depends on this!”

Berenice Arango graduated in 2016. She is currently working at UPS. She is planning to go to beauty school by the end of this year or the beginning of next. A favorite memory she has from San Antonio was the staff, in her own words, “They’re the best here at San Antonio HS. Life changers for the better!” Some advice she has for students is, “The struggles and sacrifices you are facing today will be worth it in the long run, listen to your teachers. They only want the best for you.”

San Antonio Summer Plans

by Payton Draper

Summer is coming soon! We asked the people around San Antonio High School about their plans for this summer. These were some of their responses:

“I’m just tryna get my money up.”

  • Tony Ramos

“Celebrate my birthday and move into my new apartment.”

  • Katina Williams

“Getting away from this town.”

  • James Tenant

“Get Guap.”

  • Eri Gomez

“Play a lot of basketball and chill.”

  • Alexis Ceja

“Same thing I do everyday. If you know you know.”

  • Troy Willis

“I have no idea.”

  • Russell Gongora

“My plans for summer are putting my kids in camps so I can have some free time, but I also love spending time with them and going to the beach. We also have a trip planned to Tahoe.”

  • Mrs. McGarry

“Skate, play music, and go to the beach.”

  • Noah Cordova

Senior Quotes

by Tony Ramos

I don’t always graduate but, when I do, it’s barely.

--Jason Cortez

Life has trials and tribulations, but we get through them because we have pretty minds.

--Shayna Small

Bruh...we graduated school just to go to school again.

-- Bradley McCullough

“Some people feel the rain and others just get wet.” Mary Jane Paul

-- Katina Williams

Why fall in love when you can fall asleep.

--Jocelyn Padilla

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Jocelyn Padilla and Shayna Small gave moving speeches at the graduation ceremony for the Class of 2018.

Best of 2018

Survey by Kristine Booncharoen

Most likely to Succeed:

Faith Thalacker, Kai Ngo and Ian Daunell

Class Clown:

Daysi Altamirano and Marlon Zapeta

Best Eyes:

Zoe Nicol and Tony Giono

Best Hair:

Kristine Booncharoen and Celes Garcia

Most likely to become President:

Jocelyn Padilla and Alexis Ceja

Best Dressed:

Tiffany Bernal and Cristian Valencia

Best Car:

Payton Draper and Alex Lu

Favorite Teacher:

Mrs. Cecchini and Mr. Smith

Future Dance?

by Mary Cobleigh

Phoenix Flyer staff wanted to see how the student body felt about attending a school dance. 49 students responded, 25 of them said yes, 22 said no, and only 2 said maybe. Some students questioned where the dance would be located, what music would be played, and how much it would cost to attend. For the last few years, Ms. Grzebik thought of how we should have a dance. She stated, “I think students are not always wanting to go to Petaluma or Casa’s proms. This is their school now and they consider it their school. I also think prom is one of those experiences that every high schooler should be able to have. So I think it would be an opportunity when they consider San Antonio their high school and their memories of prom should be one of them.” Teachers will discuss the possibility of planning a formal dance for San Antonio students next year.