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Week of February 1, 2016

Principal's Message

It was Albert Einstein who said, "Insanity is continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results." This week's habit of mind is "Remaining Open to Continuous Learning." Intelligent people are in a continuous learning mode. Their confidence, in combination with their inquisitiveness, allows them to constantly search for new and better ways. People with this Habit of Mind are always striving for improvement, always growing, always learning, always modifying and improving themselves. They seize problems, situations, tensions, conflicts and circumstances as valuable opportunities to learn. Students are trained to believe that deep learning means figuring out the truth rather than developing capabilities for effective and thoughtful action. They have been taught to value certainty rather than doubt, to give answers rather than to inquire, to know which choice is correct rather than to explore alternatives. Let's model for them this week that creative students and people are eager to learn and ask questions. What opportunities will you plan for your students this week that will allow them to inquire and explore?

In Partnership,

Lorena G. Hernandez

TELPAS Training

Math, Social studies and Science teachers plan to meet with Ms. O'Neal during your planning period either on Monday or Tuesday for a brief 10-15 minute TELPAS training.

T.A.G. Teacher of the Week

This week's T.A.G teacher of the week is Ms. Lechuga. Ms. Lechuga was nominated because she is extremely dedicated to her students and our school! She translates her passion for art thru her instruction. Ms. Lechuga also encourages extra curricular events with our students thru Destination Imagination. Her commitment towards all students being able to express themselves artistically is par excellence. Our students are very fortunate to have Mrs. Lechuga as their teacher. Don't forget to stop by anytime this week and observe her class and leave a TAG note behind. Ms. Lechuga's planning period is during 2nd period. You can stop anytime before or after that time.

The Longhorn Battalion

Our very own Longhorn Battalion competed this Saturday with cadets from around the metroplex. This was our first competition and thanks to their hard work and effort they proved victorious earning a 3rd Place in the platoon unarmed regulation drill sequence! The Cadets were led by Cadet Sergeant First Class Richard Ramirez of the Bravo Company. Great job Sergeant Patterson and cadets! We are all very proud of you.

Longfellow Cadets Serve at MegaCare's Annual Summit

Choir Students at the All Region Performance

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Longfellow Priorities



Our vision is to create a nationally recognized academy of 21st century learners equipped with the necessary academic and social skills to make a positive impact in an evolving global society.


Our mission is to empower Henry W. Longfellow learners to excel in an evolving society through a challenging academic and collaborative environment that includes specialized courses, leadership development, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and career exploration.

Commitment Statements by Department

As ELAR educators we commit to:

  • Reading complex text;

  • Incorporating strategies that prompt critical thinking;

  • Student generated questioning;

  • Having students reference quotes in writing;

  • Giving students multiple opportunities to respond to text orally and written; and

  • Effective annotation strategies according to genres.

As MATH educators, we commit to:

  • effective facilitation in a student-centered classroom;

  • more student-led discussions;

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and higher order questioning;

  • students creating math problems;

  • the discussion of essential questions;

  • multiple representations of both problems and solutions, multiple response strategies, and student voice; and

  • connect to interdisciplinary courses (real-life application).

As SCIENCE educators, we commit to:

  • providing a safe space where students can make mistakes, ask questions, challenge existing ideas, develop new ideas, and critique explanations and solutions; and

  • giving students opportunities to learn in different ways including student-driven instruction, labs, exploration, research, modeling activities, and connecting learning to pre-existing knowledge.

As SOCIAL STUDIES educators, we commit to:

  • an environment of collaboration, challenge, and relevancy through passionate instruction;

  • fostering discussion; and engaging students with meaningful dialogue candidly relating to real-world experiences.

Important Dates to Remember

February 1

SLC @ 3:45 in the Library

FSAC meeting @ 7:30

Department Chair Meeting @ 5:00

February 2

Groundhog Day!


February 3

TJ Feeder Principal Visit


February 4


February 5

Coffee with the Principal

Coming Soon!

February 12

Valentine's Dance and In and Out Burger

February Birthdays

29- Ms. Farmer


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