Helping Africa's Soil

Help stop soil erosion in Africa!

Africa's Soil

Studies have shown the quality of the soil of Africa, specificly Malawi, is not very well. Fifty five percent of the land in Africa is unsuitable for any kind of agriculture except nomadic grazing. These are largely the deserts, which includes salt flats, dune and rock lands, and the steep to very steep lands. About 30% of the population or about 250 million people are living, or are dependent on these land resources. About 16% of the land has soils of high quality and about 13% has soils of medium quality. This 9 million km2 of land in Africa currently supports about 400 million or about 45% of the people. Help us< Malawi Soil Assotiation, to improve the soil in Africa and help make the lives of the citizens earier as well.


Malawi Soil Assoiciation

The MSA is a program that collects money to send to Malawi. The money is used to help make the soil better for the poeple living there. We also use the money to buy products and tools that will help to richen the soil and also make farming easier for the citizens living in that country. We also take volunteers who are willing to go to Malawi and use their time to provide for and help the peolpe that are struggling.