The Red Scare

By Brooklynn Miller

Events And Important People During The Red Scare Of The 1950's

Loyalty Review Board: This was made in 1947 by the president Harry S. Truman because of the American peoples fears of communists within the United States government.

House Committee of UN-American Activity: This was made in 1938 in order to investigate the fascist groups that were in the United States.

Hollywood Ten: This was a group of people who were California film directors who got sent to jail due to the fact that they did not want to answer the HUACs questioning that everyone at some point had to go through.

Alger Hiss: A lawyer who was accused of being a communist spy, and the was sent to prison for five years.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg: Two American people who were accused, during World War II, of giving the Soviet Union atomic energy secrets.

Senator McCarthy and his tactics: McCarthy was suspicious of communist spies and sympathizer in the United States. Therefore he used his position to do investigations and wage wars against suspected communist sympathizers that were in the government.

Declaration of Conscience: Senator Margaret Chase Smiths speech made on June 1st, 1950. In this speech the senator criticizes the national leadership, and calls for

Speech made by Senator Margaret Chase Smith on June 1,1950 and refers to the text of the speech itself. She criticized the national leadership and called for the country and the Republican Party to re-examine the tactics used by the HUAC and Senator Joe McCarthy.