Spartans Choose You!

By Luke Dougherty

Spartan Government

Sparta is an Oligarchy. Like Athens, Sparta had an Assembly, but the more important decisions were looked upon by the Council of Elders. In order to be elected into the Council of Elders, Only men at the age of at least sixty years old and has to come from a noble family. In the Council of Elders, it consists of two kings, and twenty-eight other men. Women were not allowed at the Assembly. Unlike Athens, the Assembly did not focus on debating about issues.


From the age of seven, all spartan children were ordered to receive training to fight in the army, even girls received some military training. The children lived in barracks. They learned to read and write, but to them, that wasn't important. Spartan boys received painful training including walking without shoes, they were not fed well, they were taught to suffer any amount of physical pain without complaining. The spartan children learned wrestling, boxing, footracing, and gymnastics.

Women and Slaves

In times of war, the wife of the Spartan was to take care of their property. She also had to defend their property from invaders and revolts from slaves. Spartan women had more rights than Athenian women did. They were free to speak with their husbands' friends. Spartan women had to be fit and healthy also. Spartan slaves, also known as helots, were people that Sparta had conquered. There were a lot more of helots than there was citizens. Since Spartans thought that the helots would revolt, they treated them very harshly. Sadly, sometimes the government decides to declare war on the helots, so that they can legally kill any slaves they though that might rebel.