Sergio Ramos: Pro. Soccer Player

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Who Is Sergio Ramos?

Sergio Ramos is a professional soccer player for Real Madrid F.C. He started playing for them when he was 19 years old. They bought him for 27 million euros!
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Here's A Few Interesting Facts!

  • Sergio Ramos was born in Camas, Seville, Spain, March 30,1986
  • Ramos' position on the Real Madrid team is the defender.
  • He played 6 international matches
  • In 2006 Ramos played in the World Cup in San Marino and scored his first two goals, helping the team win the game 6 to 0
  • In 2008 Ramos became one of the captains
  • In 2009 Ramos made the FIFA Confederations team and played against South Africa
  • In 2010 the World Cup was held in South Africa again and Ramos started the games in these tournaments
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  • Ramos is well-known for his strength and his small number of injuries.
  • He is a great soccer player, and he has shown the world that.