Notes from the Media Center

May 2016

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Important Updates

Checkouts & Returns: Please note that the cut off date for students to checkout new materials from the library was May 4th; this is to help ease the inventory process and allow for ample time for students to return their materials. Students should return all of their library materials by Monday, May 23rd.

Notices: Along with assisting in this process notices of materials that are currently checked out in students' names will be arriving to your classes via myself or my two TAs most likely during 1st and 3rd hour or your boxes. Your help with this is greatly appreciated and I will do my best to be minimally disruptive to instruction.

Textbooks: The inventory process for textbooks has begun and it is indeed a beast. If your students checked out their textbooks via the library please have them return their textbooks to the library. If textbooks are checked out through individual teachers please let me know so that I may "re-issue" them to you for next year. If you have any questions or need any help please let me know.

Chromes & Ipads: Chromes and iPads are now being checked out via the circulation desk (the same way we checkout books). I know this is a rough time to start something new, but this is to help with accountability for students. We have a high demand on these technologies, particularly at this time of year, and this helps to ensure that students know that they will be help accountable. When entire carts are used in classrooms checkouts will be made to the individual teacher.

Technology Talk

Dustbin: This online tool from is geared toward ELL as it allows for the students to become familiar with words, phrases, categories, etc. with which they are need help. It allows for instructors or students to create their own games using a simple interface and easy-to-use instruction for participating. This is a simple website/game that could be useful for our ELL students. This is a great tool for creating interactive posters, infographics, quotes, and more. It allows for videos, music, images, and links to be imbedded into the information presented. This tool hosts a pretty simple interface, but does require a little navigation at first.

Storybird: This resource is great for creating, sharing, and following book, stories, or blogs. It allows for teachers to host entire classes on their account as well as review and grade students' work. This would be a great tool for students to present their work in a creative format or even to access other previously created resources for review.

Storybird for Educators

I appreciate all of your help and patience with me and the demands on the library at this time of the year.

As always, I am here to help and will continue to do all that I can to support and accommodate each of your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

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