by Kevin Yuan, Sujay Adhikari, Karl Armbrust

The origin of Christianity

Christianity originated in mid 1st century A.D. in the Roman empire. The romans created this religion off of Judaism on the basis that Jesus is the son of God. The Christian belief is that Jesus is the Son of God, fully divine and fully human and the savior of humanity. Most branches of this religion have the same principles. Christianity is Monotheistic religion, meaning that they believe in one God. Branches of the religion are Roman Catholic and Protestant.

Geographic distribution of Christianity

Christianity diffused through all forms of diffusion. It first diffused through relocation diffusion by missionaries who traveled along the Roman Empire carrying the teachings of Jesus. Daily contact between between believers and nonbelievers led to contagious diffusion. When elite figures of the Roman Empire accepted Christianity, it diffused through hierarchical diffusion.

Christianity is currently practiced mainly in North America, South America, Europe, Australia ,and parts of Asia and Africa. There are about 2 billion followers of Christianity.

Holy Places

Jerusalem- City where the Last Supper was held
Vatican City- Country where pope lives

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Unique Features

Key figures in the religion of Christianity include Jesus Christ, The Pope, the Virgin Mary, The Apostle Paul, Abraham, John the Baptist, Adam, and Eve. The holy text of Christianity is the Bible, the symbols are the cross and the fish, and place of worship is a Church. Christianity promotes marriage and large families. It also creates lots of conflict, by causing wars, impeding science, causing bigotry, and contributing to population growth. Christians believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins. They also believe that God created the universe and man when the world began. The religion expects marriage and family, it usually dislikes divorce, but some branches have different views.
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Essential Question

How did missionaries affect the spread of Christianity?


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