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Newsletter 16 June 2022

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  • Principal's Report
  • The Seesaw Family Application
  • Team Colours Day including photos
  • NSW PSSA State Knockout Soccer including photos
  • Reconciliation Week including photos
  • Library News
  • Indigenous Literacy Foundation including photos
  • Scholastic Book Club - Issue 4 orders are due
  • JOSS Cleaners Wanted
  • Canteen and uniform shop
  • Community News
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Principal's Report


On Wednesday 1 June, we held our Reconciliation Week activity day and what a fantastic day it was. Further information is reported later in this newsletter and has been shared on social media, but I want to thank our organising committee, teachers and students for enthusiastically getting involved in the day. It was so great to see the quality learning that took place, with such engaging and meaningful opportunities provided for students. Well done everyone!


Our Southern Stars performers had their first collaborative rehearsal yesterday and I want to thank our staff for coordinating such a highly valued event. Our staff came back to school raving about the day, including the dedication of our students to listening and learning, as well as their outstanding behaviour. It is wonderful, but not surprising, to get such feedback on our students. Well done everyone who attended and enjoy the experience over the coming weeks and months.


We have already had a number of stages come together to hear class representatives present their winning speech. Congratulations to all students who have made it to this stage. From here, two students will be selected to present their speech as a representative of Woonona Public School. Those winners will be announced tomorrow, with information on where and when they will give their speech, to be provided to those students.


Congratulations to all the students who represented Woonona Public School and North Wollongong PSSA on Friday of Week 7. The South Coast Cross Country Carnival is held at a very difficult track in Nowra and all students did a wonderful job against tough opposition. A special congratulations to Reg (6th) Jimmy (4th) and Archie (1st) who finished in the top six out of a field of 73 in the 8/9 year boys. These boys will now go off to the state championships and I know everyone joins me in wishing them all the best.
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Next Tuesday is our school athletics carnival, which will be held at Beaton Park. We encourage our school community to join us for what is always a brilliant day. We have had to make some modifications to our day, as some of the area is still not accessible, due to the recent rain, but we are very confident that the day will go ahead and will be a highlight for all involved.


In Week 10 our Stage 3 students will be participating in the Explore, Discover, Act leadership program. This program started last year and was so well received by students and staff that we are keen to make this an annual event that the school funds. We look forward to the students and staff having a highly engaging and memorable learning that aims to build leaders who are inspired to make a difference for and with others.


Books are beginning to come through for our Great Book Swap and I encourage our community to continue to support this wonderful initiative. No doubt Wednesday of Week 10 will be a very exciting day for all our students, as they have the opportunity to go home with a book to enjoy, all for the cost of a gold coin donation that will go to an amazing cause.


Congratulations to Xavier who recently participated in the NSW State Basketball carnival in Tamworth. From all accounts Xavier had a wonderful time and his team was very competitive, against some very tough opposition, finishing a credible 7th out of 14 teams. Well done Xavier!


Our school has already had a number of students enrol for Kindergarten 2023. This is great news! If you are planning on enrolling your child next year, or know of someone who is thinking about it, that lives in our school drawing area, please complete the enrolment online by visiting our school website.

Mr Tim Fisher


The Seesaw Family Application

Our school is excited to announce that we have now extended our use of the Seesaw Application to the ‘Family App’. The main purpose of upgrading to the Family App is twofold:

  • It will negate the need for parents to log in and out of sibling accounts. Parents will now be able to access all accounts linked to their children through one easy login, allowing parents to easily switch between accounts
  • Parents will now be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on their child’s journal as themselves (not as their child), making feedback from parents more personalised

Will I need a new login code?

Yes, to enable you to access the family app, you will need a new login code. Your child’s teacher will be sending home your personalised QR login sheet tomorrow.

Will I need to download the Family App even though I have the Student App? Yes

  1. You will need to ‘Download the free Seesaw Family app’ for iOS or Android.
  2. Choose ‘Create Family Account’
  3. Scan your child’s QR code
  4. Create your account by adding your name and email. You will be asked for your previous password. If you have forgotten this, go to ‘forgot my password’ and follow the prompts.

What if I have more than one child using Seesaw?

Families adding more than one child should first sign in to their family account (created with the first child – see above), tap their profile icon (top left), then choose ‘+Add Child’s Journal’ and scan the QR code for their next child. Family members can connect up to 10 children.

Will this change who can access my child's portfolio?

Your child's information is still stored on their individual digital portfolio that can only be accessed at the school level by teachers of each child and school administrators of Seesaw. When student work is approved by teachers; only parents of the child can view this work. Photos posted of groups of students can be viewed by individuals with access to those students' profiles.

Can I now use Seesaw to message my child’s teacher?

No. Seesaw is a tool for parents to celebrate learning by commenting on work samples/photos. Our school communication channels remain the same. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s learning, we encourage you to contact your child’s teacher using already established forms of communication, including emailing or phoning the school office. Please do not contact your child’s teacher via Seesaw.

Can I be alerted when new learning is posted?

Yes! We encourage you to please turn your notifications on in your phone/device settings so that you are alerted when new work is uploaded. This way, you can ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on your child’s posts in a timely manner. Feedback from parents is highly motivational for students and looking at the work your child is undertaking can generate many wonderful conversations at home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher.

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Team Colours Day

Team Colours Day was a Year 6 fundraising event where you came to school dressed as your favourite team. During the day, Year 6 went to classes across the school and taught fun activities, gave out cool prizes and refreshing Zooper Doopers and led a fun art activity. It was great to see our school dressed in their bright team colours. On behalf of Year 6, we say thank you Woonona PS as we highly appreciate the donations from our school community and all the hard work our teachers put in to helps us with the day. We'd also like the thank the St George Dragons for donating so many great prizes.

Madison and Keira, Year 6

Team Colours Day Video
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Year 6 CoS Discovery Day Woonona HS

On Monday 6 June it was Year 6's first High School CoS day at Woonona HS. We picked up our bags and we left to go to the High School. Once there we were split into groups and while we waited other Year 6 students from other schools arrived. We headed off to our classes which were History, STEM and CAPA. In the History lesson we learned about the process of mummification. After the first period, we went off to recess and then we returned to our lessons. I particularly enjoyed being in the High School English classrooms as there was a lot to see.

Logan, Year 6

"I enjoyed seeing so many new faces." Madison, Year 6

"I thought the High School teachers were really nice." Ava, Year 6

"It was fun to see what things are like in a High School." Madi, Year 6

"I loved experiencing High School for a day." Madiba, Year 6

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NSW PSSA State Knockout Soccer

Last Wednesday, the NSW PSSA State Knockout soccer teams competed in a gala day of early round matches at UOW. It was a great day of sports, with each team managing one win and one loss on the day against quality opposition.

Each student represented Woonona with great spirit and gave it their all!

Mr Declan McMullen

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Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week was recognised at Woonona PS with a variety of activities which helped the school community to learn about how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

The theme for this year was ‘BE BRAVE. MAKE CHANGE.’

Students learnt about influential Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples who have worked hard to become leaders in their fields and important role models in the community. Students then had the opportunity to create portraits of their chosen person using a variety of styles and techniques. Following this, the whole school community went on a reconciliation walk around the school to visit different classrooms to learn about the Indigenous role models and leaders that each class researched. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to get a deeper understanding of ways they and others can work towards reconciliation in Australia.

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Library News

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As part of the school’s NAIDOC celebrations, we will be hosting Woonona Public School’s Great Book Swap to raise money for the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The Indigenous Literacy Foundation will use all funds raised to purchase culturally appropriate reading resources for remote Indigenous communities.

This will take place in

Week 10 - Wednesday 29 June

In Weeks 8 and 9 we are encouraging students to bring in one (1) good quality book from home to donate to the swap. A donation tub will be located in the Library foyer for students to bring in their donation.

In Week 10, Wednesday 29 June, students in class groups will be able to view books and purchase one for a GOLD COIN DONATION. There will also be available some ex-library books so children may like to bring in an extra coin to select another book once all classes have had a turn.

I hope all students will get involved in this event and help support such a worthy organisation that is making a difference in remote Indigenous communities.

If you would like to make an additional donation to our school book swap you can find the details and the School’s Great Book Swap donation page by clicking the image below.

Learn more about the Indigenous Literacy Foundation by clicking the image below


Scholastic Book Club orders are due.

We are only accepting online orders. Please do not send orders or cash to the office as they will be sent home with your child.

Overdue notices will be sent out next week. Please take the time to help your child locate and return their books this week. We have a number of our younger students with lost books. It is important for students to take responsibility of their Library books and store them in a safe place in their Library bags. I encourage students to place their Library book back in their school bag after they have read it so it doesn’t get misplaced at home.

If you received an overdue loan notice and the book is lost, please let us know so it can be wiped from our system. Notices will also list the book price which parents can pay to the office for purchase of a replacement copy. If you receive an overdue notice and the book has already been paid for previously or has already been returned, please send the slip back in with this noted down. Our Library computer system will automatically create notices for any overdue books from this year. Thank you to those students who have already returned books or notified me about lost books.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

Happy reading,

Mrs Carroll


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Canteen and uniform shop

Onsite uniform shop closed until further notice.

Online orders can be placed on the QuickCliq website

Co-operation - respect - effort - responsibility

Please be aware that there are students in our school with allergies to nuts. We ask that you give consideration to voluntarily agreeing not to send nut products, in particular peanuts and peanut butter to school.

Community news

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