LA Finals Project

Period 3, 5-28-13

What were the Scottsboro boys on trial for? Did they actually commit this crime or not? How do you know?

The Scottsboro boys were on trial for raping two white girls. No they did not commit this crime. I know this, because multiple sources say they didn't.

Describe Alabama's, including the jury's, reaction to the boys and the trial.

Although the jury judge them guilty, I think that the people of Alabama thought they should be set free. I seen and read of people thinking they were not guilty. including the pictures seen below.

How is this similar to Tom Robinson's trial? How is it different?

One of the similarites is that even though he was not guilty they judge him so. They both dealer with the fact that a african american raped a white girl. But unlike the scottsboro case i think everyone wanted Tom Robinson to get the death penalty.