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Digital poster promoting environmentally friendly products

Rainforest Destruction

The destruction of the rainforests around the world are increasing by the minute. If everyone can buy environmentally friendly products for everyday use, then it will help prevent the destruction of the rainforests.

Look for environmentally friendly products

E 10 petrol

Using unleaded E 10 petrol can make a real difference on Australia's environment. Unleaded E10 contains 3.55% oxygen, resulting in a cleaner burning fuel. This is a massive help the environment.

Cleaning products

There are many environmentally friendly cleaning products. You should always head towards using them because Apart from the huge grocery bill saving, natural cleaners made from basic ingredients are far more family-friendly and keep our water ways free of dangerous chemicals.

Recycled paper

Recycled paper is extremely good for the environment because it reduces the amount of trees being cut down and destroyed. Recycled paper is made from recycled cardboard and paper which is much better for the environment.

Solar panels

Environmentally friendly solar panels are better for the environment because they result in less fossil fuels being used to create electricity.

Light bulbs

The use of standard electric light bulbs are a major drain on energy within the household. Environmentally friendly light bulbs use less electricity, which buns less fossil fuels leading to help the environment.


Recycled furniture helps the environment by reducing the need to use new, raw materials.