1. Academic goals
  • Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Acheive strtaight A's

2. Athletic Goals

  • Play a sport from now until high school or college

3. Personal Goals

  • Get into a great college and receive a master's degree or higher
  • Get a job I enjoy doing

Overcoming Obstacles

  1. Physical obstacles
  • Play as best I can to continue sports

2.Family obstacles

  • I can't let faamily hold me back

3. School obstacles

  • In order to go to a good college, I have to work hard and receive good grades

4. Financial obstacles

  • Make enough money to pay for everyday things, college, and have money saved
  • Save enough money to purchase a vehicle

My personal action plan

  1. Attitude/Motivation
  • work as hard as I can to get to college
  • Never stop working in order to achieve my goals

2. Education/Training

  • complete high school with at least a 4.0
  • study
  • train for baseball daily

3. Plan for acquiring needed skills

  • acquire the skill of determination by working hard
  • acquire the skill of self discipline by finishing what I start
  • acquire the skill of focus by striving for the best in everything and myself
  • acquire the skill of optimism by finding the bright side in negativity

4. Plan for study and practice

  • study notes thoroughly before exams/tests
  • exercise skills
  • practice what I need to achieve


Teachers and coaches that have helped me through time

A teacher that has helped me greatly this year is my core and AVID teacher, Mr.Jezowski. He has helped me think about my future and college. My first baseball coach helped me form my basic foundation of understanding the sport, and my coach this year has taught me higher level strategies/techniques.

Relatives that have helped me

My mother has supported my ideas of future careers for myself, no matter how outlandish they seem. Not only has she helped me with my future, but she has been giving me answers to my questions about college, and suggestions about what classes I should take.

Friends that have helped me

My good friends Anthony and Steven have helped me with projects needed for classes, and have both talked about college with me.