Life Adversity

Ashley Callahan

Another Cinderella Story?

  • At 5 years old her mother passed away from cancer
  • Her and sibling stayed with many relatives for a while
  • Housekeeper married father becoming stepmother
  • Her stepmother described as the one from Cinderella
  • She could not wait to escape or move away

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A Dream in Process........

  • Madonna left home as teenager and moved to NYC
  • Only had a bag of clothing, and 200 dollars
  • Lived with a stranger she meet first day in NYC for a period of time
  • Studied dance at Alvin Ailey Dance theater
  • Was living on a shoe string budget
  • Tried to hold a job but was fired because of her rudeness
  • She ended up modeling for a period of time
  • Later realized that dancing would not further career, took up singing and acting
  • She was in the band Breakfast Club, Emmy, Millionaires
  • Faced online criticism

The Push through Adversity

  • Tight Budget-multiple jobs, modeling
  • Online Criticism-used it to improve herself
  • Passing Mother-drove her to express herself in dancing, singing, and acting

Accomplishments from Adversity

  • Successful female pop performer
  • Actress-starred Broadway shows and movies
  • Songwriter
  • First female artist fully exploit potential of music video
  • Queen of pop music

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