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Ancient Egyptian and Ancient Roman Art

Mackenzie Meade

Ancient Egyptian Art

Ancient Egyptian art was an expression of what the citizens already believed in. All art created in Ancient Egypt was to show political events and beliefs. Art was not used to show self expression. Pharaoh Akhenaten changed art for a short period of time. This change also effected life in Egypt. Although art was changing, Egypt was dying. Akhenaten changed Egyptian art to a more realistic side. This art showed families and the life of a pharaoh. Sadly, soon after Akhenaten's death, art became dull and boring again.

Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

The art of writing was introduced to Egypt by Mesopotamia. It is believed that the God of Wisdom created Hieroglyphics. There were more than 700 different hieroglyphic symbols that were written and read by Egyptian scribes. These symbols were written on temple walls and monuments.

Ancient Roman Art

The Ancient Roman life mostly consisted of death and violence. This was expressed in their art. While Ancient Romans used Greek techniques, the Roman art was much more lifelike. Ancient Roman art was shown around their towns and in other public places. Art was an expression of the artists beliefs and likings. One of Rome's greatest accomplishments was architecture. Since humans change their looks and style art changed with them. Ancient Roman art changed consistently due to the subject(s) changing.

Ancient Roman Sculptures

Ancient Greek sculptures were imported to Rome starting in the 4th century B.C. At first Ancient Roman sculptures were copies of Greek structures. Soon Romans found their skin and created sculptures of their own. The artists used marble and bronze to create sculptures. Then painted them in bright colors. Artists could even take small figurines and turn them into realistic sculptures!

Comparing Changes

While Ancient Egyptian art changed from dull to realistic, Ancient Roman art changed from subject to subject. Ancient Romans stuck with their ways of creating art. In contrast, Ancient Egyptians changed from time to time, but still ended up with dull art. Ancient Egyptians did not express themselves. Both of these civilizations changed, but in different ways. Some of these changes were large and important and some were very subtle.

Comparing Art Styles

Ancient Roman artists presented their talents by making sculptures and structures, then placing them around their home. These sculptures looked as if they could come to life at any moment! In contrast, Ancient Egyptians created religious art for Pharaohs. Ancient Egyptian artists also used their talents to structure huge pyramids. Both ancient civilizations were proud of their artwork and crafts.