Egyptain Religous beliefs

Emily Groff and Beth Myre

How did temples play a role in religion?

  • people went to to worship and present the gifts to the gods.
  • religious ceremonies were held in the temples .
  • egyptians believed temples were where the gods lived.
  • beautiful artwork and statues filled the temples.
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What did they view of the gods?

  • egyptians believed in may gods they believed that gods controlled all of the element of earth .
  • that there were gods for everything.
  • they also believed that the pharaho was a god.
  • if any thing went worng the pharaho was held accountable.
  • also since the pharaoh were treated as though they were gods,
  • it was believed that a proper place to rest in the after life.

what was their belief?

  • They believed in an afterlife.When they died they were mummified and put in tombs.
  • They had different items they would place in the tombthat were valuable to them so they would have them in the afterlife.
  • Egyptians even went to extreme to mummifiy their pets.
  • only wealthy Egyptians had enough money to be mummified.
  • People who could not afford to be mummified were barried at the edge of the desert were they were preserved by natural means.
  • Pharaho's were placed in the pyramids were made out of rectangular shaped limestone blocks.
  • The pyramids were so big that the base could fit 10 football fields.
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what did they look like?

  • many of the gods had heads of animals and the body of a human such as Anubis, god of the dead
  • Other gods look more human-like, such as Osiris,the god of the underworld.
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In many ways Egyptions from long ago are similar to people today.Egyptians believed in gods just as many people today believe in a god.The social hierarchy that existed in egytian times is much like our society.