A Christmas Carol

The Play

The play A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is about a man, Scrooge, who the whole town would call a grumpy old man who doesn't like Christmas, it shows you how he changes his ways for the better. Firstly, you should watch the play because the actor does a very good job of catching the essence of Scrooge. For example, he does a very delightful job at acting when he was grumpy and angry in the beginning and the end when he is happy. Secondly, you should watch the play because the crew does a amazing job at the effects for the play. For instance, when they Scrooge was sad it was blue lighting and when there were parties and happiness there was yellow lighting. Lastly, you should watch the play because they have amazing props. They had so much detail and looked so realistic. To illustrate Scrooges house was very detailed and it moved by remote controlled wheels. In conclusion, you should see this play because they do a great job of making it look realistic, the actors do an amazing job of there part and they have great effects.
Scrooge had to sacrifice his money for other people to be kind. I had to sacrifice some stuff when we moved houses.