Stevenson's Weekly Update


Good evening Stevenson families! I do hope your children had a great second week of school. We certainly have enjoyed the kids all week. We also had a great turnout for our Open House event last night. Thank you to everyone who came out for it. If you are missed the school Title 1 meeting and you are interested, you can check out the presentation HERE.

Friendly reminder that I will be sending out weekly e-blasts to your email on Friday nights all year long. It will have all of the information you and your family will need. Please encourage your child to stay up to date with the STUDENT HUB that is on their chromebook. It has all of the pertinent information they will need on a daily basis at school, including the calendar of upcoming events.



A lot of our students received their student ID and specific color lanyard at school this week. If your child is one of the ones that did receive their ID and lanyard, please ensure that they wear it around their neck and on the outside of their clothing each day. A lost ID costs $5 to replace, so please review these expectations and how to care for the ID properly so it doesn’t get misplaced.



Please note that students are assigned one chromebook for their entire middle school experience (3 years). It is their responsibility to take good care of the device. If a chromebook is damaged or missing, a fine will be assigned to replace the device.



Thank you to everyone who has already turned in the family income reporting form to the school. This is incredibly important for our building and our students. Check out the graphic below for how it helps!

To encourage more participation, we are having a school wide competition for all 1st hour classes to turn in their forms. The first two classes to get all of their forms turned in will win a party. Each student was issued a paper copy to turn in. If you need an additional copy to turn in, please CLICK HERE to print it out and turn in on Monday.



We have had two weeks of practicing for our students on getting their lockers opened, practicing their routes to class, and familiarizing themselves with the building procedures. Starting on Monday, we are conducting tardy sweeps. If a student is late to class, they will be issued a lunch detention for that day. Please note that there is a one minute warning bell that goes off before each class to alert students to start heading to their classroom.



We love our parent volunteers! And we love our teachers! Each month we will have an opportunity to shower our staff with the appreciation we have for them and what they do for the children each day with a beautiful breakfast spread. If you are interested in donating for this event on Wednesday, September 21st, CLICK HERE. Thank you so much!



If you are interested in getting involved at Stevenson Middle School in any capacity, please CLICK HERE to submit your interest.



We had our first fire drill this past week. Please note that we practice fire drills, severe weather drills, and lockdown drills throughout the year. If there was ever an emergency in the building that was not a drill, you would be notified immediately.



If you have any concerns or questions about something in the school, who do you contact? Please reference THIS GUIDE for the chain of command that we would like you to follow. If you need administrative assistance, please contact Mrs. Doman (Last Names A-Le) at or Ms. Phillips (Last Names Li-Z) at



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Please check out our resources page for Stevenson. I suggest bookmarking the page HERE for quick links to anything you would need for Stevenson.

Also, we created a Student Hub that automatically pops up on all student computers each time they open a web browser so they know what is happening at the school, how to stay connected, and quick links for all the programs they would need to access at school/home. Click HERE to view it.


Have a fantastic weekend!


Mrs. Doman