Food Throughout History

By Mikaela Bolton

Food's Impact

-helps keep us alive

-brings us together on the holidays

-US has gone through times of trouble when it comes to food, especially during the wars


-food had to be fresh because of little to no refrigeration

-cafes and restaurants that were pricy so people didn't go out much

-sandwiches were popular

-first self-service grocery stores opened in California (1912)


-first refrigerator to be used widespread was invented and helped to keep food for longer (1927)

-food was plentiful and cheap

-new manufactured goods, a lot are still famous today

-more processed foods like chips and pretzels

-sliced bread (1928)

-WWII started and ended during this time, and rationing began (1939)

-candy was cheaper in the 40's


-fast food became really popular

-even more manufactured foods introduced

-end of rationing (1953)

-tv dinners (1953)

-introduction of fast food

-backyard barbeques

-vegetarian curiosity

-ethnic foods

-baby boomer kids loved junk food


-even more ethnic food

-pesto on everything (1980's)

-more artificially flavored foods

-most popular time period for fast food

-more sugar and junk food products

-more finger foods

-exotic citruses became popular

-organic chocolate

-more use of meat

-food is cheaper and more plentiful than ever before

-junk food is cheaper than ever before

-allergen free products (i.e. gluten and dairy)

-upscale comfort food