Personal Journey

Ethan Beaver

Where I'm From Poem

I am from the Old North State, from Cold Cheerwine and Carolina BBQ.

I am from the “house with a blue mailbox”, a home with the smell of wood burning in the fireplace.

I am from the Carolina Silverbell and dogwood trees, Carolina Rose and Dogwood Bushes

I am from Christmas Raffles and blue eyes, from Beavers and Martins.

I am from the clean freaks and hard workers.

From "the devil beating his wife" and "your face getting stuck in a frown".

I am from non-denominational christianity, with a southern baptist pastor.

I'm from North Carolina only, from homemade mac & Cheese and deep fried turkey.

From the poor boy turned business owner, the wildlife officer, and the nurse.

I am from poster boards of pictures, museums of my past.

My Journey

My personal journey involves my education. High School was a big change from Middle School when it came to the work. I had previously not needed to study much, and hardly ever had homework. When High School came, I wasn't prepared for the homework, or the amount of studying I would need to do. I ended up with low grades(for me) during my first semester last year. My second semester, I started getting my stuff together, and got very good grades during the second semester. It took up some time, but I got my work done and grades up. This year, I am taking an AP class, which has made me have to adjust, again, to keep my grades up. My journey of education will probably continue like this through college. I will just have to continue to adjust my work schedule around my classes throughout High School and College.
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Emblem Explanation

My last name is Beaver, and its become my nickname around my friends. It represents me because of this, and I've sort of adopted this as a symbol for me.

Interscope Records

Rise Against - Sudden Life by Interscope Records

Part 4

Part 4 of Song Analysis
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