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My Home Office

We are currently under construction in my bedroom, office and bathroom so I have created a small space to provide an area to work. This space is actually nice since I can "catch up" with work but also feel connected with the rest of my family since my hours have been so crazy. They know that when I put the headphones, I am deep in work and cannot be disturbed.

Preview and Review Space

Since I have a distance to travel each day, I use this time to prepare for my day on the way and then recap on my way home. I use Bluetooth to connect with those I wasn't able to during my day and listen to audio books. I find this to be a great use of my time and energy.

Learning Spaces at My Work

Learning Can Happen Anywhere!

My Outside Learning Space

This is dog, Lassie. We both love to be outdoors whenever possible. While she runs and plays in the yard, you most likely can find me on the deck with my laptop or IPad doing some research or work. This is a space I use a lot and truly find it to be a source that recharges my whole being.