2013 Library Summer Reading

Keep children and teens reading all summer long!

Summer Set-Back

Scientifically-based research shows that “On average, children from low-income

families lose nearly three months of grade-level equivalency during the summer months each year, compared to an average of one month lost by middle-income children.”2

How can you easily prevent Summer Set-Back?

Reading over the summer helps kids maintain the skills they've learned over the academic year and grow towards skills required for the next school year.Nearly every public library in Massachusetts sponsors a Summer Reading Program, often for all ages. They are free and It's easy to sign-up. Stop by your library or register now at ReadsinMA.org

Why Summer Reading at your library?

Summer Reading at your library is Fun!

More reasons to read:

Summer reading programs are a fun way to incorporate reading and related activities into summer family time. Note these findings from Stephen Krashen3, nationally known reading expert.

· Reading gets better when you practice it.

· Reading helps improve writing style.

· Having a school librarian makes a difference in the amount children read.

· Children read more when they listen to and discuss stories.

Want more information about summer learning?

Visit the National Summer Learning Association based at Johns Hopkins University, the Center develops, evaluates, and disseminates model summer learning programs, stimulates research, and builds public support to ensure that no child takes a vacation from learning during the summer months.