Greenwood: ELAR Support Day #3

Region 18 Support Date: 3/23/16


Here's what to expect today:

  • Check in: where are we? where do we need to be?
  • Recap strategies, sites, and ideas
  • DIscuss best practices to target writing
  • Create classroom plans to prepare for our upcoming test and engaging students

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 3

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 3 in January:

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 2

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 2 in October:

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 1

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 1 in August:

Austin's Butterfly: Modeling & Drafting

Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work - Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback

Other TIps from Kelly Gallagher We Discussed

  • Using Interesting infographics (response: what do you see? what DON'T you see? [eg: what questions do you still have?])
  • Writing every day AND modeling as a "butterfly" your OWN writing and thinking
  • embedding 1-2 min of revising and editing with writing AND modeling your own
  • using "butterfly" mentor texts for writing (eg: poem, dialogue examples to emphasize punctuation rules)
  • providing passages from pieces already read to practice grammar application

Check out these resources for Literacy & ELL support!

Writing: Following A Logical Progression of Thought

Big image

TEA: All things STAAR

Fall update from TEA for 2016 4 and 7 STAAR Writing Test: here

  • Find released tests here
  • Find all things writing (rubrics, sample comp boxes, student samples, etc.) here
  • Find updated writing grade 7 STAAR redesign here (10/5/15)
  • Find updated grade 7 Performance Level Descriptors here (10/5/15)
  • See 2015-2016 Testing Calendar here
  • See the updated testing Dictionary Policy here

TEKS Resource System

  • Resources: STAAR question stems

Resources Recall:

Resources Recall: [utilize the discussion questions built in!]

  • Recall CommonLit for thematic paired passages & making connections; update: new search feature!

  • Don't forget Newsela for differentiated news articles by lexile level; update: new texts sets for other content areas & improved search feature [Paired Text Selections]

Tool Review: ImageThink Notes

  • Visual Notetaking & Summarizing
  • Classroom Application Ideas?
  • Here are a few of our own!


Engage your students with an interactive and competitive review!

  • Use Kahoot! to review and interact with your students.
  • Ideas: review concepts, vocabulary, test prep, classroom rules
  • Enrich: have students create their own Kahoots! to play as a class
  • Let's play! Go to
  • Ready to create your own?
  • Utilize the repository of already created kahoots online
  • Flip the learning: have students create kahoot questions to play/review as a class

Data Review: Asking Five Times Why

  • Review data (six week exams, final exams, formative assessments, etc.)
  • Analyze where we are: why, why, why, why, why
  • Create a data driven plan from here
What Do You See in These Data?

Upcoming Training Opportunities:

Summer Literacy Academy

When: June 29 & 30

Where: CrossRoads Fellowship, Odessa

Cost: $100


2nd Annual Future Ready Technology Conference

When: Monday, June 6th

Where: Midland College

Cost: $100


Register here!

Laura Kile

Don't hesitate to contact me with follow up questions, requests for resources, and to share the great things that are happening in your classes!