Israel James Aragon

Graphic Designer

Personal Bio

Israel Aragon, is currently 18 years old, still in high school, he has a 3.0 GPA, and he can speak 3 languages. Chinese, English, and ASL (American Sign Language). Israel wants to attend University Of North Texas, or University Of Houston, or Full Sail University for either Graphic Design, or Engineering. Israel hobbies include debating, chess, running track and field, Israel has ran for charity including For The March of Dimes. He has taken multiple HCC classes and many AP classes. Israel would love to attend any of those colleges.


Israel loves to play chess, because it clears whatever he is thinking when he plays. He has a sense of critical thinking towards every move he has to make. It is something he loves to do often, to really relieve any sort of stress.

Israel also loves to write any thing that comes to mind, either how he feels or what he thinking at any moment during the day. It gives him a sense of getting any anger out of his system that he has. He loves to write anything down whether it be a story or even what is deep in his mind.

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