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Eggs For sale!!!

These eggs are naturally layed by our pure breed hens. They are made and layed fresh every day. Are cleaned right after laying is done. We have brown, white, and red eggs. We sell them in Dozens only. Have for eating or hatching! Or if you would like call us and ask about pre-hatching. Have your desired chicks hatched before they arive your house.

Buying the eggs

1 Dozen- $1.25

If you would like to buy more than 1 Dozen then please contact us. :D

How its made

All natural


Our chikens are free-range chickens. Meaning NO steroids or anabiotics. We only feed them grains and scratch. They are watered everyday with fresh water. The rest of the days them rome around eating grasshoppers and crikets.

Contact Info

Call us or email me if you are interested in our chicken eggs.