The Mightiest of Teams.

Caden Atkinson

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In Freak the Mighty the setting effects a lot of conflicts. For example without millard pond Max couldn't have escaped Tony D. Or if max didn't live by the hospital then he couln't have left to see Freak and wouldn't have his rampage. The conflicts also effect the characters. For example, if Freak didn't have a disability he wouldn't be called Freak. Plot also influences setting. For example, if Max's dad hadn't killed Max's mom Max would live in a different place, and therefore, would have not met Freak.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think the theme in Freak the mighty is "if you work as a team you can do more". I think it is this because without teamwork Max and Freak could not have done a lot of the things they did do. The author kind of slowly built on this idea. Starting with Max getting Freaks ornithopter for him. And slowly but surely Max and Freak began helping each other more and more. My favorite example is when Freak is on Max's shoulders and is kicking him to tell him where to go. Freak helps Max a lot but I think the author could have made Max help Freak more than he did. Because I think Freak helps Max a lot more than Max helps freak.

Visual Representation


Maxwell Kane is a big goon, or at least he thinks he is. And max has been scarred by his mothers death, she was killed by his father. With his mother dead and his father in prison he lives with his grim and his gram. One day someone moved in next door, his name was kevin but everyone called him Freak because he had a physical disability. Max and freak became best Friends and went on many adventures together. From running away from evil monsters to, taking a stroll through a huge castle. But Max's dad wanted revenge, he wanted to kidnap Max. And so he got out of prison and did, But Freak saved him. But then Freak had a stroke and had to go to the hospital. And then sadly died from his disease.