Road to Perseverance

By: Emily Wang

Introduction Paragraph

Perseverance is the ability to keep trying no matter what obstacle comes in your way. Perseverance is defined as a person who is strong. They never give up. Some people who are examples of perseverance, are Cayden and Connor, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, Leroy and Dartanyon, and Steven Clauch. The purpose of this newsletter is to inform readers what perseverance is, and real life examples of people who have perseverance. One quote that represents perseverance is "Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don't stop. The view at the top is beautiful." I choose this quote because it goes with my title. "Road to Perseverance." It means that every step you take matters, and once you get to where you want, your reward awaits.

Cause and Effect~ Cayden and Connor

Cayden was born with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Because of this, Cayden can't walk, and can barely talk. Connor, Cayden's brother, is a very athletic kid. He does triathlons. But not alone. Cayden is by his side. Just because Cayden has a disability, it doesn't stop him from competing in the races too. In the video, Connor carries Cayden on a float for swiming, when he bikes, Cayden is attached to a carragie, and Connor pulls Cayden, and when Connor runs, Cayden comes along on a stroller. Connor is adhere to the idea of being with Cayden while he races. Since of Cayden's disability, it has affected Connor in some ways. If he was never disabled, he would be running right next to Connor, instead of Connor pushing him along. This has impacted the world, because it shows others how much Connor cares about his brother, and it's inspiring others around to help those in need.

How to Survive Middle School... ~Chronological/Sequencing

Tip #1

Try to be funny, but don't get too crazy..

Tip #2

Try to catch up with the latest popular things, for example catch up with the coolest songs, and latest trends.

Tip #3

Just know it is okay to be yourself, and stand out of the crowd.

Tip #4

Go to your friends if you need help, or are in a bad situation. Talk it out.

Tip #5

Choose your oldest and closet friend over anybody. Who cares if some "popular" person asks you to walk with them. Always choose your real friend over a fake one.

Tip #6

Try not to wear the same clothes every week, try once a month. This may sound hard, but just try.

Tip #7

Spice up your hair. (For girls) Try and do a different hairstyle once every other day. Trust yourself, you can rock anything.

Tip #8

Don't be shy to speak out in class. If you speak out more, the teacher will like you.

Tip #9

DO YOUR HOMEWORK. First of all, you could get points off for not doing it, which is not good, and it can help you learn a thing or two.

Tip #10

If somebody is new and just moved here, talk to them! Show them around the school. Be nice to them. You don't know what adversity they have gone through. You never know, they can turn out to be your best friend!

Nadja Salerno's Story~ Description

Nadja is a famous violinist. Like most successful people, Nadja has faced adversity. But with her perseverance she was able to overcome it. Nadja loved to play the violin, but sometimes it would be tiring. When she was in college, Nadja was playing a piece she could easily play. She started getting more into it, and started realizing how hard it was. This lack of self-confidence lowered her ability to play the violin. She stated "I couldn't play anymore, and my life was over.". She got so bad at playing, she couldn't play a simple G-major scale. This falter in her life caused her to almost lose her career. One day, Nadja's violin teacher told her if she didn't bring her violin to the lessons she would kick her out of class. This is one of the things that encouraged Nadja to start playing again. Nadja's teacher taught her persistence. The 1981 Walter W. Naumberg International Violin Competition was coming up. Nadja was not ready for this, but wanted to do it. She signed up for it. Nadja started playing more and more everyday. It was time for the competition, and fifty violinists from around came to audition. It was Nadja's turn and she was amazing. She said it was the best she has ever played her song. A little while later, she got a phone call saying she and thirteen other people had made it in. Nadja was thrilled. For the next audition, Nadja wanted to play her best piece. She did great again. She had won the whole thing, and she got $3,000. Nadja turned this opportunity into a chance to get to play around the world. She performs in concerts, playing for everybody around her.

Dartanyon and Leroy~Compare and Contrast

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Steven Clauch~Problem and Solution

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Conclusion Paragraph

We can learn from others perseverance with helping our adversity by learning from other people's mistakes. If a person looks into the mistakes of another person, they can prevent their adversity from happening, by making the right choices. They can look closely at what they have to do, so they don't make the wrong choice. A person can choose the path they want to go, and walk on it.