Maverick Minutes

Week of 12/14-12/18

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The Last Thought of the Year...

As we head into the holiday break next week, I cannot help but reflect on the whirlwind of 2015 and the many blessings we have. New relationships, marriages, births, goals, positions, etc. Each year I get older, the focus of the season becomes more on the blessings I already have than of those I may receive. I am so blessed to know each of you and lead a school that has compassion for students, passion for learning and the work ethic of such dedicated people. As you travel in the coming days, as you gather with friends and family, as you take a moment for yourselves, I wish you the blessings of the season and look forward to an exciting 2016! This will be the last newsletter of the year, so I ask that over the holiday, you take a moment for yourselves because you deserve a BREAK! Take a day without your phone, without social media, without lesson plans and enjoy what is around you. Take a moment for your loved ones. It's a hard task for your friends and family to take this journey with you in education because we bring it all home. Go to the movies, play a board game and have as many meals together as you can. Take a moment and remember those not with us. The holidays bring sadness to those reeling from a loss and my only hope is that you are comforted with the celebration that they will have, and know that it is much greater than my belief! In whatever fashion you celebrate, I wish you Godspeed and look forward to your safe return in January! (Please accept the insert as the Snyder Holiday Card...time got away from us ordering them...and Ryan refuse to wear what I picked out!)

Giving to Those in Need...

A short time ago, we had a student lose their home in a fire. Everything inside was a total loss and Mavericks Take Care of Mavericks! I asked the mother to give me a wish list and see what we could come up with to deliver next Friday, 12/18. Some grade levels have collected money and others wanted to give items. Here are the ages of children in the home and their wishes if you would like to help; added are just necessities to get back on their feet! Thank you in advance for the giving, caring hearts that you have!

Children's Wish List

11 yr. old girl


Monster High items/dolls


Lego Sets-girl

Nail Sets

Arts/Crafts Monster High

Dork Diary Books

8 yr. old boy

Zoomer chompies

Drum set


Jurassic World Lego Game

Panther Gear


Minecraft items

9 yr. old boy

Mashers-Superhero/Star Wars

Star Wars figures

Nerf items

Superhero items

Wimpy Kid books


Minecraft items

15 yr. old boy

Patriot Skully items

Duke Blue Devils fan

Duke Bed Set (Queen)


OKC Gear

All kids have a PS4 system and requested StarWars or Superhero games.

Items for the House...


Pyrex dishes


large oven pans

casserole dishes

cake pans




baking items


twin sheets

queen sheets

decoratieve items

children's desk lamps

floor lams

alarm clocks

laundry basket

storage bins


Towels and washcloths

If you would like to help, please give all items to our counselors (Mrs. Meadows) and we will deliver at the end of the week.

Thank you for helping out with this family.

Giving through Education!

Congratulations and thank you Ms. Hammond and her group who organized the Book Drive for Elon Homes has finished counting all of the items donated. They had exactly 2,000 books donated to Elon Homes! (Actually 1,999 but Mrs. Tyson added an extra to make it an even 2,000). Thank you so much for this wonderful act of kindness!

FYI...Social Media

Because of the popularity with social media, we have had an increase of "sexting" and nude photos being sent from students here at HiRMS and HRHS. While most incidents have involved 8th grade, this is not limited to one grade level...the level of knowledge and experimenting just increases with age. I am composing a letter that will be mailed out to all parents with a CNN link with Anderson Cooper's incredible interview on the subject. I am asking parents to watch it first and then decide to show it to their child. Nearly all of the infractions are happening at home which ties my hands, but we have certainly increased our counseling skills this past weeks with heartbreaking exposure to parents. I will add that the students have been forthcoming because of the relationships built with admin., teachers, counselors etc. which makes for a better way to get a handle on keep wearing the parental hat and guide them to good decisions with social media. Be aware of the cites they are on in your classes....they know how to have technology when they should not! This is a growing concern and they don't understand the severity of it. Exchanging pictures is a felony...whether they do full body or parts. Most cases are a simple lack of self-confident on our females and our males degrading them to get them to cave and send the pictures. Continue to be in their conversations, be visible in the halls and together we can hopefully assist parents with such a scary and addictive problem. The link that I will send parents is:

CNN Social Media Video Being Thirteen: Inside the Secret World of Teens (2015)

Classrooms Around the Ridge

An Offering from the District...

We are happy to be offering Spring presentations of both Math and Reading Foundations training. This training is a 'must' for EC and General Ed. teachers who would like to take their skills in teaching to the next level. Our EC Leads have access to flyers with more information.

At this time, the EC Department is able to provide a limited number of substitutes for EC teachers who participate. Schools will need to provide substitutes for general ed. participants. Please email Kristin SInclair with the names of any EC participants who would like to attend these sessions so that she may arrange for the EC participants to have substitute. Please remember that the funds are limited so that those who register early have the best chance of being funded.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Barbara Slingerland

Director Exceptional Children & Academic Intervention

704-262-6189 ext.6189

704-262-6226 fax

Finishing up Winter 1 Sports!

Recognizing Some Amazing Boys and Their Coaches!

Saturday's Wrestling Tournament left the Mavericks in 5th place overall and two young men winning their divisions and others placing. Ethan Duft and Collin Shulman won 1st place in their weight class and Reed Porter, Brandon Rapp and Yates Helms got third place. A special thanks to first year coaches Shawn Gregor and Eric Duft on a wonderful season, and certainly, Lisa Hammond for all the many hats she wears during the season to keep all of those boys motivated and healthy.

In Memoriam

Please keep Mr. and Mrs. Blair in your thoughts and prayers at the passing of Andrew's uncle.


Monday 12/14: SLT Meeting @ 4:00 in the media center

Monday 12/14: Second Round of Playoff for Lady Mavs @ NWCM vs. Harris Road - 4:30

Tuesday: 12/15: Chorus Concert @ HRHS - 6:30

Wednesday 12/16: Grade Level Meetings

Wednesday 12/16: Championship Girls Basketball @ NWCM

Thursday 12/17: Staff Meeting @ 8:15

Thursday 12/17: Band Concert

Friday 12/18: Pep Rally (Staff Basketball Game)

Friday 12/18: START OF BREAK!!!!!!